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Tabatha Takes Over Season 6?

tabatha takes over S6

4/15 UPDATE: Tabatha appeared on tonight’s WWHL and was asked whether Tabatha Takes Over would be returning. She played coy and answered with a knowing “I hope so! Wait and see!” We’ll be waiting!!! 

4/8 UPDATE: Tabatha Takes Over did not appear in the renewal lineup Bravo released today. 

If you’re a fan of Tabatha Takes Over, you may be wondering right about now whether it will be returning to Bravo anytime soon…or at all. I’ve been getting questions lately from some very frustrated fans who have been unable to find out anything about what’s next for Tabatha. Since Season 5 wrapped in June 2013 there has been no word from Bravo about Season 6. So, although I can only apologize that I don’t have any concrete confirmations to report, I figured it would be worth investigating to at least pass along all of the information and considerations currently available.

Regular readers know I’m always saying that the single biggest determining factor for a show’s chances of renewal are ratings. The difficulty, when it comes to Tabatha Takes Over, is that the Season 5 ratings landed her squarely on the 2013 “bubble”. The season average came in at 840,750 total viewers per episode. That’s right below the group of shows that we already have confirmation were renewed but above the group of shows that we can pretty much assume will not be renewed. So, unfortunately, we can’t know for sure whether Bravo will pickup Tabatha Takes Over for Season 6 based on last season’s ratings alone.

Now, what about how Season 5 ratings compare to Seasons 4 and 3? This should help us determine if Tabatha Takes Over viewership is trending in a positive or negative direction. As it turns out, Season 4 averaged 1,003,500 total viewers per episode and the Season 3 average came in at 1,142,143. When you look at it this way, Season 5 represented a -26.39% decline in viewership as compared to Season 3. Clearly, things are not going in the right direction for Tabatha. What could explain this dramatic drop? At least partially to blame is the Season 5 time slot: Thursday nights without any original programming lead-in. Compare this to Season 4 which aired Monday nights with The Real Housewives of Orange County as a lead-in for the majority of its episodes and it all starts to make more sense. For whatever reason, Bravo kind of gave Tabatha the shaft for Season 5.

tabatha takes over season 6

So, do I think Tabatha Takes Over will find its way back to Bravo screens this year? I could really still see it going either way. (I know, I know…not what you were hoping to hear after all this research!) Here’s the thing: Bravo may have intentionally given Tabatha an unglamorous time slot last season because they already saw it being her last. Better to ease the show out quietly than end it on a high note with a lot of confused fans wondering what happened. This way, even though many of you would undoubtedly be disappointed if Tabatha Takes Over doesn’t return, at least it makes some sense. However, I could also see Bravo feeling like perhaps they simply made a miscalculation last season and moving it back to a more prime slot for 2014 to see what happens.

In the end, I think it really comes down to what new programming Bravo has coming down the pipeline this year. If they have a lot of promising new material they may feel it would be better to focus on developing those projects into multi-season success stories rather than roll the dice on a series which has been on the decline for a few years now. Last year, Tabatha Takes Over premiered April 4 so at least we should find out more in the next couple of months. And you know I’ll be sure to keep you posted the moment I hear anything!

What do you think? Would you like to see Tabatha Takes Over return for Season 6?


  • andreskizzo .

    It better come back, I love this show!

  • Trisha Owens

    I LOVE Tabatha Takes Over. BRAVO gives trashy shows prime time slots and repeats the episodes throughout the week not caring that NOT everyone is into self absorbed narcissistic behavior which is what is represented on most of the shows on BRAVO.

  • guzzi

    Tabatha really should be given the opportunity to return. It’s actually one of the only reasons I have kept my package I have with DISH! So I am downsizing my package for the mere reason that no more Tabatha, no more me watching BRAVO!

  • Jane Varner Logan

    I love Tabatha!!!! But I would like it to return to the Salon industry only and with more varied salons. I.E. Spas, full service Salons, & Nail Salons!!! The one about the nail salon has been my absolute favorite, I’m a nail tech, and it always seems they left the nail parts out of the Salon Takeovers. We are a $1,000,000,000 industry now!!!!

  • Bill Johnson

    I’ve met and hung out with Tabatha and she’s a very sweet individual, she’s also very educational. I can only hope that Bravo wouldn’t allow such shows like, “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, show her up. I figured something like this would happen to her, because she’s not being low-class and pulling hair extensions, or trying to out dress some other chick. I only hope that Bravo would make a lucid decision rather than to just look at numbers.

  • Terri Armstrong

    Bravo may also want to consider that many of us no longer have cable. We watch current tv shows via Roku. This is how I watch Tabatha. The show is available the day after it’s premiere on cable. Does Bravo look at the online numbers as well?

    • Lili Klein

      That’s a really good point and I wish I could better answer your question. As a network, Bravo prides itself on being at the forefront of integrating social media and online engagement so I imagine they are at least aware of the consideration. The problem is regardless of how many people download or stream their shows online, Bravo still has to consider actual television viewership in particular because that’s what television ad revenue is based on. The way people consume media is changing, however, so you can bet both networks and ad execs will be taking notice!

  • Ashley

    I miss you Tabetha!!! Come back!!!

  • Diane

    I love Tabitha! Keep her on the schedule, I don’ t care about “housewives” they are a bunch of pathetic women with to much money and totally spoiled.

    • Monet James

      I agree with you, its a great show and I have been waiting on it to return.

  • Gregory Weeman

    Bring her back!!! PLEASE!!

  • Angela Moran

    please bring her back

  • Rachelle Varnes

    OMG I hope this has resolved itself positively for this show. Maybe she can be picked up by another network. This show has been the best tutorial for business owners and wake up call for stylists. I cannot begin to count how many times I, a salon owner,refer back to this show or for direction and inspiration. It’s the best show of it’s genre out there. Unlike the Taffer’s and cringe worthy attitudes of the restaurant rescues, Tabitha gets to the point without losing a woman’s perspective – which is unique for TV where everyone has to be as mean a cruel as possible. Maybe Mary Behind the Chair can sponsor her program on line – I would pay for that. I love the salon makeovers!

  • Lynee H

    Please for the love of Baby Jesus BRING TABATHA TAKES OVER BACK TO THE LINE UP! Tabatha Rocks!

  • Saundra Smith

    I love this show…I want to see more new episodes…cancel some of those crappy shows that Bravo is now throwing down our throats.If not she needs to go with another network.

  • Autumn Santomauro

    I watch the repeats over and over. I can’t get enough of Tabatha! Also, I’m a Jersey girl. To hear that she started out in nj makes me proud!

  • tourguy1018

    Bring Tabatha BACK!!!

  • dsafd asdfasdf

    Bravo needs new episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ginger Pippin

    I love Tabatha!!! There are enough trashy shows elsewhere. Leave her on!!! I don’t watch the housewives not will. If Bravo takes Tabatha off, I will turn Bravo off. No Tabatha? NO ME!!!!

  • virginia blanchard

    I love Tabatha too!!!!! And if they cancel I cancel watching them or anything on Bravo

  • Cynthia Chavez

    Bravo needs to bring Tabatha back!!!

  • Kathleen

    I have found that I’m watching less Bravo now then I did in 2013. I don’t like the new shows that seem to have replaced the shows that were previously on. Tabatha was a GREAT show! I don’t know why the viewer ratings were lower but I would like to see what the viewer ratings are for these new shows because they stink.

  • Amber Hanke

    I totally love tabatha coffey shes awesome and ill be absolutly disappointed if they don’t bring her back for another season… I watch reruns every morning all week…ive seen every episode over and over again and I still keep watching…. I love her show I think it would be a huge mistake to not bring her show back…. please keep her show going I need to see more I want to see more she gives great advise on more than hair…. I think it would be a huge mistake to drop her show…. I want more tabatha….. 🙂

  • Morgan

    I love Tabitha !!! She is a savy business woman that knows her stuff ! She is also an honest person which the people need on the show because they are train wrecks. The truth hurts sometimes … But I believe she does this for the love of their business and not just to be a bitch . I hope Tabitha has a season 6 !!! Come on Andy Cohen let her back on !! Lol

  • Virginia Kahn

    love Tabitha can’t stand the so called house wives crap — tell those gals to take off there high heels and go get a cleaning bucket to do the floors with ——-

  • Yes Tabatha needs to return for a 6th season. She and the RHONJ are the only reason why I watch Bravo

  • cara

    Hell yeah Tabitha is great! Love the show I watch yhre reruns every morning gets me motivated for the day! Yes too a new season!

  • Jop

    I love the show. Put it in a good time slot – it’s a great show & deserves another chance.

  • Monet James

    By all means…YES. Tabitha needs a season 6. She is one of the 3 shows I do love on Bravo.

  • BarbieIsHere

    I absolutely love Tabatha! I recorded every episode and watch them in batches. I have been off from work very ill and for some reason she really makes me feel better watching! I hope she comes back for season 6!

  • Tpcny

    Bring her back!!

  • Huge Fan!!!

    Bring this show back!!!! PLEASE!!! I loved this show.

  • Eric Conn

    I think Tabatha’s show is one of the best things TV has to offer. I know there are people who love the Housewives shows and I’m all for entertainment but I can’t bear watching them. TABATHA ENTERTAINS WHILE HELPING PEOPLE. Her work ethic and perspective on business and people being the best they can are sorely needed on TV. I will continue to watch as long as the show airs and Tabatha stays true to the show’s core message(s).

  • TvCritic

    Tabatha is way better than all this Real Housewives bullshit. Those women are ridiculous and seriously need therapy.


      Maybe it is you who needs therapy?

  • megan

    I love tabatha! It needs to come back for another season. She is such an inspiration to me.

  • Linda Karmendy

    I want Tabatha back on the schedule. She’s an awesome woman, like the way she turns a disaster into a beautiful salon, no matter what project she takes on she does one heck of a job. Absolutely love her!

  • Tab

    I love Tabatha. I think it should have remained Tabatha Salon Take Over! Those shows were a whole lot better to me. Hair Stylist is her profession and she is fantastic. Not saying she wasn’t good in Tabatha Take Over, I just think the hair salon takeover is more of her element and she really connects with the owners and stylists. Please bring the show back!!!!!

  • dk278

    Just found Tabatha Takes Over this summer during re-runs and I love it!! I don’t want trashy housewives acting like spoiled children and don’t watch those shows. Please bring back Tabatha!

  • Phillip Wilson

    I love Tabitha! I watch every Monday Tuesday and Thursday morning when it’s on at 6am! I also watched when they premiered. I love the show! I hate shows like RHOATL and oc and ny they are so annoying !! Grown ass women acting like spoiled children is ridiculous ! Especially the ATL house wife’s yuck!!!!!! Boo!!! They need to grow the f$@k up! They could use Tabitha! Just give me more Tabitha!!

  • JhonJhonJhonJhon

    I love Tabatha but she’s done nothing for me, so who cares?

  • Stacy

    Bring Tabatha back please!!

  • Rochelle Mayberry

    I absolutely love Tabith to death. As a fellow stylist I hope this show does not get cnaceled. She has given lots of good info tha people can learn from. I have applied some of the knowkedge I learned from watching her soon with my own clients. I have seen every episode of all 5 seasons. However if there is season 6 (and I truly hope there is) please just do salons. I think a lot of viewers were lost due to the show doing bars and pet salons. We just want to see her in her element in a hair salon. Please Bravo bring her back. Not everyone wants to all these housewives all over with more money than they need acting like children instead of grown women. IJS.

  • Dawn

    I cannot believe the vapid and useless housewives are back and the intelligent and worthwhile program that Tabatha has is not on the season 6 lineup. WTF? I guess it just goes to show how much the lowest common denominator defines the interests of the current generation.

  • Shawn Beal

    Ugh if thats all they can do is air housewives or husbands of Hollywood, then they could be losing ratings soon. It gets so tedious and boring. Bring Tabatha’s back and we’ll flock back to Bravo! Or better yet, invent newer reality shows! Bravo is staring to become the drama queen central and a big bore!

  • Marilyn

    Bravo need to bring back Tabitha. Tabitha is the only best show on Bravo. If Bravo doesn’t bring back Tabitha, than Tabitha should look for another channel to pick her up. People can learn from her. So Bravo, BRING TABITHA BACK………

  • KelfromVA

    Bring Tabitha back!! I love this show!

  • Lynn Watkins

    I will be very disappointed if Tabitha does not come bsck. I think it should be a requirement for all salon and business owners to watch this show. I always thought you were born with common sense. ..but I guess not.

  • MO

    Love Tabatha and the show. One of the few Bravo shows I watch. I hate garbage sensational reality crap with women like on Real Housewives (UGH!) but Tabatha is a class act bringing some sense to businesses who really need it. Bring her back!!

  • Donald Miller

    stick with salons, it’s what she knows best

  • Raquel Santiago

    Im so bored without Tabitha. Also one big issue on this was that Bravo seiously “SEDATED” her. Her first 4 season’s she was in their face, no holds barred. In season 5, i had to ask “what did they do with Tabitha”?

  • Tammy Ringler

    Please bring her back

  • Natalie Pelz

    Bring it back!!

  • curtis

    Bring back this show!!!!!