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Stassi Schroeder & Kristen Doute Comment on Ariana; Racism Accusations

The Vanderpump Rules season 5 reunion is coming sooner, rather than later, and it’s apparently going to get “intense,” as Ariana Madix describes it.

However, fans of the show might think that this season is the one where cast mates finally all seemed to be getting a long, but that’s definitely not the case.

A Twitter war erupted between Stassi Schroeder and Ariana. Of course, it didn’t take long for other stragglers to pop in, like LaLa Kent and Kristen Doute (surprise)!

When Kristen appeared on Stassi’s podcast, they dived right into the topic, and all of the drama.

Stassi gives us a little insight as to what caused the whole issue:

Monday night, LaLa Kent and Ariana Madix were on Watch What Happens Live. I thought actually we were all fine. When you watch the reunion, you’ll probably think the same thing. I’ve never done anything to Ariana. I’ve tried to win her affection. I’ve tried to be her friend.

Ariana is asked ‘Are you and Stassi friends?’ and she just looks at the camera and says, ‘No.’ Crickets. Awkward. Defiant. It’s aggressive, not even assertive.

Kristen then stepped in, saying she’s completely done with Ariana:

She’s a Debbie Downer and I am f-cking over it. I’ve tried with her. I felt like I was even in a good place with her and now I’m like ‘You just want to be a bitch. You just want to be miserable.’ That is why I very aggressively tweeted – sober by the way – that she is a bitch. Sorry, not f-cking sorry.

For her to keep tweeting you and not stopping was just mean. It was pointless.

Then, during the Watch What Happens Live episode, LaLa says that Stassi isn’t actually from New Orleans, which is where Stassi claims her hometown to be.

Instead, she says that Stassi is actually from some place outside of New Orleans:

She could have called me fat all over again. Saying that I’m not actually from New Orleans was more offensive than anything she’s ever done to me.

During the big Twitter feud between the group, Ariana said that Stassi had made racist remarks on her podcast while talking about the Academy Awards.

Stassi responds:

When I was trying to take notes that were interesting, I was like ‘Oh my God every speech is about racism. Everything is about an ethnicity or the government and what’s going on in politics.’ I also said that. It wasn’t just about race or racial speeches.

I don’t know anything about racism. I don’t know anything about it. I haven’t had to experience anything like that and I said that before I made my comment. To say that I’m racist is a disgusting, creepy, gross thing.

She later added:

I’m not going to apologize for saying I want to watch an award show just for entertainment, but I’m also going to apologize to people who have had to deal with things that I have no idea what it’s like to deal with.

Kristen seemed to understand where she’s coming from:

I don’t disagree with acknowledging things that are present, but I also do agree with you that I don’t want to watch an award show that’s about film that should really be about the actors, writers, and directors.

Stassi continued:

I’m allowed to have an opinion. We all have a f-cking opinion and I have an outlet. That does’t make me racist. Saying I don’t feel like listening to political issues, I don’t feel like listening to social issues. I just want to see LaLa Land people in dresses. That doesn’t make me racist.

Kristen lightened the tone:

It makes you basic.

And of course, Stassi had no choice but to agree with that assessment.

Stassi then went on to say that Ariana is two-faced:

I’m like bitch, what the f-ck? We are fine whenever we are around each other. We’re fine whenever the cameras aren’t rolling. We can be fun and be normal. And it’s like this is why I want to be your friend because you are actually cool. The second a f-cking camera or an interviewer gets in front of her, she says the worst things about any of us.

Kristen then takes a little jab below the belt:

Is it because her podcast didn’t do well so she’s trying to f-ck yours up?

Stassi admits she went a little low during the Twitter argument, too:

I tweeted her back being like, ‘Maybe if your podcast would have been successful, you would have had the opportunity to f-ck up.’ Sorry, I lost my cool and I said that.

And then Stassi makes one more comment on the whole racism issue:

I’m putting this racism thing to f-cking bed. I might not have been sensitive or eloquent with the way I worded things, but I am also a 28-year-old stupid chick that lives in Los Angeles who has a podcast.

Well, at least Stassi has a high opinion of herself.

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