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Stassi Schroeder Halloween Costume

Things aren’t going so well if you’re Vanderpump Rules star, Stassi Schroder, as far as the dating department is concerned.

She broke up for the final time with her boyfriend Patrick a few months ago, and she’s been on the market ever since, even though we think she’d look great dating someone like Shep Rose from Southern Charm.

But hey, that’s just our opinion.  😉

Still, Stassi admits that she’s simply tired and single, as that’s what she dressed up as for a Halloween party that she went to.

Check out her real-life-inspired Halloween costume below:


Stassi added the following caption to the photo:

I went to a Halloween party as myself: “tired and single”.

Ahh, don’t be so hard on yourself, Stassi. Hey, at least you’re doing the whole adulting thing now, so keep that chin up.

So, are you ready to get yourself a Stassi Halloween costume?

Well, it’s actually pretty darn simple, and we’ve listed out the items you’ll need below:

First up, you’re going to need a sleep mask:

Princess Stassi Sleep Mask


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Granted, this isn’t the same color of sleep mask that Stassi wore for her Halloween costume, but we honestly think this one is much more Stassi-fied. After all, we all know she refers to herself as Princess Stassi, so this one is just perfect.

Silk Pajamas


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These silk pajamas will definitely give you that whole tired look that Stassi was going after.

Comfy House Shoes


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Of course you’ll need something nice, pink, and cozy to wear on your feet. I think these house shoes should definitely do the trick.

So, that should do it, except for the makeup, which you can use pretty much whatever you have lying around.

Who’s going as Stassi for Halloween?

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