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#SouthernCharm: Kathryn Dennis & Thomas Ravenel Share VERY Awkward Moment Together On Video

While the custody battle continues to rage between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, you can definitely see there were some awkward moments during last night’s episode of Southern Charm.

Kathryn was recently released from rehab, and decided to show up at their son, St Julien Rembert’s, birthday party.

We have the clip below, which you can watch, but when Thomas saw Kathryn, you could tell that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with her presence.

It’s hard to make out what he said, but it’s either something like:

“Oh, your mother’s here,”


“Oh, the mother’s here.”

If it’s the latter he said — ouch!

Before coming to the birthday party, Kathryn hadn’t seen her children for at least a month, as she was in rehab for her addiction issues.

As you can see, the two exes had a little bit of trouble communicating with each other, which made the whole situation that much more awkward.

Unfortunately, when Kathryn went to play with her kids, you could tell that neither of the children were really interested in her, and that’s just heartbreaking.

Kathryn tried to get some time in with Kensie, but the toddler was far more interested in her sweet tea than her own mother.

That’s when Kathryn walked over to St. Julien who was playing in a little play area with some animals, and she wasn’t really able to keep his attention, either.

To be fair, though, he’s a toddler, and when you take them away from some animals — what do you think is going to be the end result?

Unfortunately, this is one of the last times the former couple were cordial with each other, as their relationship has worsened since the birthday party amidst a long, drawn-out custody battle, and it looks like things are only going to get worse.

Since these scenes were shot, Kathryn has accused Thomas of doing drugs, sleeping with the nanny’s teenage daughter, alienating her from the children, and so much more.

Thomas has also stopped playing nice, filing court documents against Kathryn, as he says that she broke a gag order, and he’s going to make sure she’s punished for it.

No one wins in a battle like this; especially the children involved.

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