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#SouthernCharm: Kathryn Dennis Abandons Kids With Cancer Ridden Mother

As we posted earlier, Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm was allowed visitation with her children over the past weekend due to the suggestion of a court mediator.

Thomas Ravenel reluctantly agreed, as he does possess full custody of the children, but he allowed it, as he’s wanting to cooperate fully with the courts.

This is especially true since the couple will have to meet back up in court for a custody hearing later this year.

While the internet was buzzing with Bravo TV viewers discussing the situation, and thinking that maybe Kathryn was just trying to paint a pretty picture for herself in lieu of the upcoming court battle, I wanted to give Kathryn the benefit of the doubt.

I thought maybe Kathryn was just really excited that she got to spend some time with her children, so she took a bunch of pictures, and shared them on social media.

Unfortunately, AllAboutTheTea is reporting that a local insider has come forward and stated that Kathryn didn’t spend much time with the kids at all, leaving them in the care of her cancer-stricken mother, and posted old pics of her with the children.

Kathryn went out one evening during her hours with the children, and did not return to her grandfather’s condo until well after midnight.

Now, that’s pretty damn bad, but the next part is even worse:

The kids were left with Kathryn’s mother, who is currently battling ovarian cancer.

The insider also went on to confirm that the pictures that Kathryn was so adamantly sharing on Instagram are actually old pictures:

The latest photos of the kids on Kathryn’s social media accounts are not new. Those were taken in November — hence the pumpkins on Kensie’s outfit.

You know, you would really like to think the best of people, and think that they would be around for their kids.

Kathryn is making it very hard for anyone to possibly defend her.

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