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Southern Charm Season 2?

If I had to sum up Bravo’s new hist series, Southern Charm’s first season in one word (or name, in this case) it would be: Kathryn.

southern charm kathryn

The troublemaking redhead wasn’t even an official cast member but somehow managed to make pretty much every episode about her. We first heard about her when the wealthy, fallen-from-grace, aspiring politician Thomas Ravenel was considering her as a potential mate thanks to her good Southern stock but, upon deciding she was too young and silly, just had her over for a one night stand instead. Fast forward a couple weeks and she’s been the much more age appropriate Craig’s “crush” but blown him off to sleep with the ultimate sufferer of “Peter Pan syndrome”, Shep. Next, she corners Thomas at a BBQ and admonishes him for possibly making her pregnant then not calling. Here’s where shiz really hits the fan. Thomas insists she take a pregnancy test that very evening but, left to her own devices in the bathroom, the test somehow comes up in error. (Guess that’s what happens when you pour your spiked sweet tea on the stick instead of actually peeing on it…) Shady. She insists they go to the doctor to find out the results (aka, “I want to milk this drama for all it’s worth and be on at least another episode of this show”). Results are in and there’s no baby. Lucky for Kathryn, however, she’s somehow managed through all this manipulation to hook Thomas for real and now they’re dating…much to everyone else’s amused dismay. For the next few episodes we get to gawk right along with the rest of the cast at this seemingly mismatched pair. But wait, Kathryn’s not done with the drama yet! At a dinner party Craig spills the beans about her having slept with three people in the group within three weeks but…*gasp*…the viewers and the group only know about TWO!! Kathryn’s strategy is deny, deny, deny until…oops, the last gentleman comes clean and we find out Whitney is, indeed, the third culprit. After attempting a couple more lies, Kathryn eventually admits to the deed but STILL Thomas hasn’t had enough just yet. Finally, in the show’s very last scene, Thomas says a tearful goodbye to Kathryn who proceeds to gather a couple of her belongings (but no shoes) and flee to her car. But, as it turns out, these two either had a really good time making up or Kathryn already was pregnant for real because, after a flash forward to 9 months later, we meet their love child: baby Kensington Calhoun Ravenel.

southern charm baby

Now that’s an epically awesome reality TV story arch.

Apparently, viewers agreed. Southern Charm managed to average just shy of a million viewers per episode and ended its freshman season on a ratings high of 1.21 million. This success prompted Bravo to announce a hastily added reunion episode for next week. Hopefully, we’ll get to find out more about Thomas and Kathryn’s relationship since filming wrapped, hear about Cameran’s recent wedding, and find out what the rest of the cast has been up to over the last 9 months, too.

So, what does all this mean for the future of Southern Charm? Are we likely to see Southern Charm Season 2 get the green light?

All the above signs point to yes. Ratings are likely good enough to warrant a second season, judging by past series that Bravo has opted to renew such as Below Deck (which also got a reunion, btw).

My only hesitation to saying a second season is a sure thing is that several key cast members are in a very different place in their lives right now. Would Thomas and Kathryn still be out galavanting around Charleston as new parents? What about Cameran who’s new husband didn’t want anything to do with the show?

I suppose Bravo could add some new faces to the cast to shake things up but, as documented above, the whole first season really revolved around the Thomas/Kathryn situation and Cameran was definitely a viewer favorite. Perhaps the show will shift focus to a more grown-up kind of drama. After all, the Real Housewives manage to squeeze plenty of drama, partying and glitz out of married-with-children lives.

southern charm cast

Only time will tell. Here’s hoping an announcement is in the near future (like maybe in the next couple of weeks even, after the reunion and unseen footage episodes air). Would you like to see Southern Charm return for Season 2? If so, what would you like to see the focus be for the new season?


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  • Charlotte

    God no.. please kill it.

  • Kevin K

    Yes I would enjoy another season.

  • maggie broche

    I really enjoyed getting to know all of the
    Southern Charmers! If they return, I’d
    love to see more of Shep and maybe
    some of his family? He’s refreshing and
    is always so upbeat and happy. But I love
    ’em all!! Bring it back for sure 🙂

  • Elizabeth Michelle Swanson-McK

    Please bring a new season back. Bring everyone back and show all of them. Focus on the careers for each of the men, Cameran, Jenna, and yes lots of showing Kathryn and Kensington. Bring the show back or I will be upset. I love all the Real Housewives and other shows but this is the jewel in the Bravos crown.

  • Bec

    Yes! Bring it back! It’s the best bravo show! The setting in the south is fantastic and the cast are brilliant. Don’t change any of them but focus more on Patricia (Whitney’s mum), her relationship with Whitney and her staff also. I would like to see more of Camaren too with her real estate job. Would love to see more of the old houses and architecture. I agree, would like to see Shep’s family also. Give it another season and give it the chance to gain more viewers. It’s gold!

  • deborah watkins

    We need all the cast members back. They were terrific together Don”t you dare take it off the air!!! We are addicted. Show Whitney getting his new restaurant up and running in season 2. Bring all the cast members back together. They are a terrific combination. .

  • denise

    PLEEAASSEEEEE bring back a second season!!! I loved this show!!!

  • littlesiss

    Bring it back with more whitney