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Southern Charm Season 2 is a GO!

Who’s ready to head back down to Charlston, SC for another season of good old fashioned Southern Charm? Fans of Bravo’s latest ensemble-cast reality series will be excited to learn that Southern Charm has, indeed, been picked up for a second season–just as we predicted!

southern charm season 2

No word from the network just yet about when we can expect Season 2 to premiere but we’re betting on spring/summer 2015. Southern Charm Season 1 premiered March 3, 2014 but we know they are behind the filming schedule from last year already since, based on the footage we saw, it looked like filming wrapped up around the 4th of July last year. And, since we are just now finding out who may or may not be back for Season 2, it would appear filming has yet to begin.

So, the big question on everyone’s minds right now is: who will and who won’t be back from the original cast??

This question has been a hot topic of debate for the last month or so when everyone’s favorite senatorial candidate/convict Thomas Ravenel took to Twitter to share his possible Season 2 intentions:

But wait…how could we have Season 2 without T-Rav? Would that mean no Kathryn and baby Kensington too?? Seeing as how Kathryn basically single-handedly carried Season 1 with all her sleeping around drama I would be sorely disappointed to miss out more of them. Plus, just look at this face! How could baby Kensie not be a regular on Season 2??

southern charm s2 kensie

And, let’s face it, watching Thomas take on GOP big-wig Lindsey Graham for a seat in the US Senate would be priceless.

Following Thomas’ Twitter “announcement”, fellow cast member Shep Rose shed took to the Charleston radio show Box & Kelly In The Morning to shed a different light on what may have prompted the hasty remark:

“No, T-Rav, I think was, uh, sort of… I hear he was frustrated because a few of us didn’t RSVP soon enough for his christening this Sunday, so he was a little miffed at us … He lashed out a little bit. We’ll see, we’ll see.”

Aww, poor T-Rav. ‘Cause, you know…quitting a successful reality show is the best way to stick it to your friends when they don’t show proper RSVP etiquette.

t-rav southern charm s2

So, what’s the final verdict? Well, it appears Thomas didn’t really mean it after all and that he will, indeed be back for Southern Charm Season 2! The Ravenel campaign released the following statement today:

“I struggled with this decision in light of the political campaign I am undertaking. Ultimately it came down to this: It doesn’t make sense to turn down a platform that enables you to spread your ideas to a bigger, more diverse audience. If America is ever going to turn things around, we’ve got to get rid of this notion that cookie cutter politicians with their blemish-free backgrounds are the way to go. The truth is those are the very politicians who are driving this country into a ditch. That’s never been who Thomas Ravenel is – and so owning a part of my life that doesn’t fit the typical political mold is fine by me.”

So, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Thomas, Kathryn, and bay Kensie after all when Southern Charm returns for Season 2. Based on his involvement in the above drama (and that he probably wants to promote his newly opened restaurant Palace Hotel) I’m betting Shep will be among the returning cast. And, Whitney is one of the show’s producers so guessing he’ll be back along with his hilarious mother. Cameran Eubanks was a fan favorite but she’s recently married and her hubby seems to want no part in the show so we’ll see how that works out. As for Craig Conover and especially Jenna King, I’m not so sure. Jenna particularly didn’t play a huge role in much of the story line from Season 1. But, maybe Bravo will want to keep the whole crew together so we’ll see!

What are your thoughts on Southern Charm Season 2? Who do you hope will and won’t return from the cast?

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    Love Southern Charm!

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    I loved the show, thanks for airing. I am looking forward to season 2

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    TR you are the biggest horses ass I ever watched make “what could only be described as an even bigger ass of himself. BRAVO young idiot.