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Shep Rose Shares An Up Close Look At His Painting

On season 3 episode 5 of Southern Charm, we got to see an entire episode that was basically centered around the lovable Shep Rose, and his birthday party.

Unfortunately, rather than the episode being focused on all the awesomeness that was Shep’s birthday party, we mostly got to see all of the drama that ensued courtesy of Landon Clements, and her complete failure to plan a great birthday party for Shep.

The episode was entitled “Invite-Gate,” because Landon blatantly lied to everyone, saying that she invited Kathryn Dennis to Shep’s birthday bash, but she really didn’t. She also booked Shep’s birthday party to take place at a rollerskating rink, and there was no booze allowed, which isn’t a good thing when you’re shep.

Even though Landon made some serious blunders in regards to Shep’s birthday, she really solidified herself as queen party pooper when she began criticizing a handmade gift that Shep received from his friend, Bailey Bial.

In case you didn’t catch it, Bailey hand painted a picture of Shep, on a blue horse, on a beach, while holding a surf board.

Sounds awesome, right?

Well, Landon was certainly not a fan of the painting, and went on to make fun of it, saying that it’s ugly.

Unfortunately, us viewers didn’t get a great look at the picture on TV, so Shep decided to share an up close look of it on his Instagram account:

And it looks like Shep is such a fan of it, that he may even get t-shrits or posters made from the picture.

Hey, I’d rock a shirt, or a poster of it in my home!

What about you? Do you dig the painting? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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