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Shannon Beador Suffers MAJOR Fan Backlash On Twitter From Fans Over Weight Gain

We believe it’s safe to assume that everyone, their mother, their pets, and the neighbor’s dog, has seen the Real Housewives of Orange County season 12 trailer at this point.

Seriously, this trailer hit the internet with force and has been without a doubt one of the most anticipated trailers I’ve ever seen. Bravoholics were practically foaming at the mouth for this one.

As we’ve reported, Shannon Beador plays the blame game in the trailer, saying that stress has caused her weight gain and that fellow cast mate and arch nemesis, Vicki Gunvalson, is the source of all the stress in her life.

Now, a lot of fans have come forward, outraged at the fact that Shannon is placing the blame on Vicki’s shoulders for her packing on the pounds.

After all, it’s not like Vicki is spoon-feeding Shannon ice cream. Also, people are wondering why Shannon would put her health in jeopardy by remaining on the show.

Real Housewives are contractually obligated to be around each other, so couldn’t Shannon just leave the show if Vicki was such a hazard to her health? Problem solved.

Instead, people are speculating that Shannon is just throwing another pity party for herself and enjoys blaming everything (and everyone) else for her shortcomings.

A lot of fans are up in arms, saying that even if Shannon was no longer on the show, she would still find something to or someone to place blame on.

All of this being said, let’s go ahead and take a look at what some fans are saying about the situation.

Keep a safe distance, because some of these users are definitely bringing the heat!

Ouch. That one’s going to sting.

Get that pinky up!

I mean, this one has a point. Tamra Judge does own a gym and people usually have to put forth some effort at the gym to shed those excess pounds.

The logic is strong with this one.

That sounds easy enough to me!

The emoticon at the end totally makes this tweet for me.

Seriously, Shannon, it’s not that hard to figure out how to get rid of some of that excess luggage you’re carrying around.

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