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Shahs of Sunset Season 4 Coming in October; Who’s the New Girl??

During part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion, Bravo aired our first glimpse at Shah’s of Sunset’s 4th Season. The teaser features Reza addressing viewers and a few clips from the upcoming season.

Not a lot of meat there, really. Just about 30 seconds packed with dramatic but pretty nondescript scenes. So far, Bravo is making no mention on its website or through any press releases of the upcoming Season 4. In reality, they didn’t give us a whole lot of info about what to expect in the short teaser anyways, but there are a couple of newsworthy points:

1) Shahs of Sunset is returning in…October! No specific premiere date was announced but, hey, at least that narrows it down to 31 possible days! It’s hard to come up with a more exact prediction because I’m not even totally sure which night of the week we should expect for Shahs to air this season. It aired on Sunday nights for its first two seasons then Tuesday nights last season. I suppose if I had to guess I’d expect Tuesdays again this year despite last season’s comparatively lack-luster ratings and would be very surprised to see it move back to Sunday nights. We already know Manzo’d With Children will air Sundays (or at least is premiering on Sunday, October 5) and then I’d expect The Real Housewives of Atlanta to air Sunday nights as well, likely in early November.

2) Lilly Gallichi is out and a new girl is in! Just as I predicted, it looks like Lilly has been replaced. There’s been talk for months now about Lilly having been fired and it appears those reports have been accurate. The final scene in the preview clip is a shot of the cast in front of a purple background:


No Lilly in sight. Now, this could still mean that she will make appearances but just isn’t a full-time cast member–we’ll see. But, who is that girl over there on the far left of the cast pic? I wish I had a better answer for you but at this point it seems that no one has any idea. I haven’t been able to track down a single source (reliable or not!) who is dishing on this new addition to the Shahs cast. Bravo is certainly doing a good job of keeping this bit of news hush-hush. She doesn’t look like GG’s sister, Laila–so it doesn’t appear that she’s been asked to sign on as a full-fledged cast member despite what seemed to be a valiant effort last season. It’s truly a mystery!!!

So, at least we know what the new cast will look like and that Shahs will be returning NEXT MONTH! We also know that since last season Mike finally got engaged so I’m pretty sure that will be a big featured storyline of Season 4. (Bravo wedding spinoff anyone?? Maybe Bravo could do a wedding spinoff series featuring BOTH Mike and Reza’s wedding planning and big days?? That would be pretty awesome…you listening Bravo?)

I’d be willing to bet that Bravo will be sharing more details about the upcoming Season 4 premiere very soon. You know I’ll keep you posted!

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