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Scheana Marie Shay of Vanderpump Rules Gets Her Nose Removed

Bravoholics, there’s something that we can all learn from Scheana Shay of Vanderpump Rules, believe it or not, and that’s what happens when you use too many photo filters, too much Photoshop, and a metric crap ton of makeup.

In a recent photo Scheana shared, you can see that her nose has went awol. Below, you’ll find the shocking photo:

After we’ve watched former Vanderpump Rules star, LaLa Kent transform herself into the ultimate Jersey Shore cast member, we’re watching as Scheana Marie transforms herself into a real life mannequin / Chinese love doll.

Everything from her outrageously blue contacts, to her soulless gaze, to her arm that’s stuck up awkwardly in the picture just to show off her puppy nails / wedding ring — she’s transformed into a doll, ladies and gentleman.

A Chinese Silicone Doll
A Chinese Silicone Doll

I also like how Scheana nonchalantly tries to sneak her monstrous fingernails and/or wedding ring into every single picture that’s taken of her.

Seriously, look at the picture above, and try to tell me another reason why her arm would be like that… It’s just awkward.

Either way, let this be a lesson, kiddos — hire someone to do the Photoshopping for you.  😉

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