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Scheana Marie Shay Lost 25lbs; But Did She Abuse Diet Pills To Do It? See Her Answer!

Vanderpump Rules season 5 has officially premiered at this point, and you can tell that everyone has done their best in an attempt to attain the ultimate summer body.

Scheana Marie, despite her relationship problems, has been able to lose an amazing 25 pounds, which is evident if you follow her on social media.

Unfortunately for Scheana, she, as well as other members of the cast, have been receiving a lot of flack for being “too skinny,” and thus being body shamed by fans.

The fact that Scheana posted pictures of herself with some Hydroxycut definitely didn’t help the situation whatsoever, and the fans have ripped into her.

It’s also been revealed that Scheana is a spokesperson for Hydroxycut, but she’s opened up about her weight loss, and she’s said that she doesn’t even take the pills in order to aid her weight loss journey.

Gold and gummies! @hydroxycut

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Scheana said in a recent interview that she was able to lose the weight in the “natural, right way to do it: diet and exercise. No pills, no gimmicks, no anything. I got on a meal plan; I worked out with a personal trainer, six days a week, for several months.”

If you follow Scheana on social media, you’ll find out that she documents her day-to-day life quite religiously, so it doesn’t seem like she’s necessarily lying in this situation, despite being a proven liar.

Still yet, she says that Hydroxycut isn’t responsible for her weight loss. Instead, the company contacted her after she had lost the weight, and wanted her to endorse the product.

She admits that she does use the pills to help boost her energy levels, but they’re not responsible for the actual weight loss:

I’m not a liar. But, it is a product that keeps me very energized.

Well, she is a liar, but that doesn’t appear to be the case this time around.

If you want to try out the Hydroxycut that Scheana uses to replace coffee to keep herself energized and ready to hit the gym, you can pick up a bottle below:

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