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Ricky Santana – Mystery Man of Honor

ricky santana tamra's man of honor

When Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge got engaged at the end of last season on the Real Housewives of Orange County, speculation started almost immediately about when we’d be expecting the wedding, what it would be like, and, of course, WHO would be her bridesmaids?! On a show following the ups and downs of the friendships within a group of women, very little could be more exciting than finding out who would make the wedding party cut!

So, when the first pictures of Tamra’s wedding came out, it was with great anticipation that I rushed straight to the wedding party shots (right after I spent sufficient minutes ooohing and aaaahing over Tamra’s gorgeous gown, of course!)

There was Heather as a bridesmaid. Vicki, too, but she was up there right next to Tamra. (Did that make her the Maid of Honor?) Well, not quite right next to her. In between was…a man! So who was Tamra’s Maid of Honor? Speculation ran rampant until Tamra filled everyone in via her Facebook saying:

“For everyone that has been asking I did not have a “maid of honor” I had a MAN OF HONOR… my long time friend Ricky Santana”.

I had to know more about this man! Turns out he’s made appearances on RHOC in the past. You might remember him from the now-infamous 80’s Bunco Party. (That is, if you can remember anything other than how ridiculous/hilarious grown women look screaming at each other in full-on 80’s garb). But how did Tamra know this person who was clearly her right hand man? And could he share any juicy details about Tamra’s big day?

I tracked him down and he graciously agreed to answer my burning questions. So, BravoWatchers, meet Ricky Santana!

BW: Ricky, thanks for taking the time to chat with me! My readers and I have been eagerly following Tamra & Eddie’s wedding planning and can’t wait to catch all the details when Tamra’s OC Wedding airs in September. I know you played a very special role in their big day so I’m very excited to hear what you have to say! Clearly you are very dear to Tamra since you were her ‘Man of Honor’! Would you share with us how you know Tamra?

RS: Tamra and I met when our kids(Cruz and Sidney) were in kindergaren together(9 years ago) we both live in Ladera Ranch just 2 streets from eachother, we became good friends after being “room moms” together in our kids classes, Tamra was shy and quiet(yes you heard right) and I WASNT 🙂 our sons Sky and Spencer are bestfriends as well!

BW: What is something funny, interesting or silly that we don’t know about Tamra & Eddie?

RS: Tamra is a gay man trapped in a straight womans body and Eddie is a Straight man trapped in a gay mans body, they are bestfriends and get along great, a perfect match! 🙂

BW: How did Tamra ask you to be in her wedding?

RS: When Tamra asked me it was a surprise BUT I was thinkin’ SHE BETTER ASK ME! 😉

BW: Couldn’t help but notice that Vicki and Heather were bridesmaids while Gretchen and the other OC Housewives attended as guests. Do you know how Tamra decided who would be bridesmaids?

RS: I think Tamra just went with her gut and thought who was her true friends and who will be there in the years to come, I think she didnt want to look back at her wedding pictures with any regrets.

BW: Did you make a speech at the reception? If so, can you give us any hints about what you said?

RS: Yes I did make a speech and I was so nervous to do so, Heather and Vicki (who I adore) gave me some great advice and I went with that and tossed my notes and spoke from my heart, once I got up there to speak, I was fine and no nerves!

BW: What was your favorite detail from Tamra & Eddie’s wedding? (Dress, food, music, dancing…?) Anything that didn’t work out so well or go as planned?

RS: The wedding was magical a TRUE fairytale wedding! There were so many unique things about it I LOVED, her children being there was so emotional and touching and they were all so happy, a lot of tears of joy. The Cake was bejeweled and amazing and was suspended above the dancefloor by strings of pearls! Tamra was a stunning bride, breathtaking, there were some surprises that you have to wait and see!

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