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A picture of Brynee Baylor on the set of RHOP

#RHOP EXCLUSIVE: The Curious Case of the Woman in the Yellow Romper

This past #ShadySunday on Bravo introduced us to a whole new breed of Housewives! Of course, we’re talking about none other than the fabulous Real Housewives of Potomac, Maryland. I’m not sure how you felt about it, but I personally thought it was one hell of a premiere episode, certainly one of the most entertaining of the entire franchise in the past year! We were quickly thrust into the lives of these D.C area socialites and soon learned of their interesting dynamic as a group. At the second major event of the episode, Charrisse’s crab boil, we were introduced to a very interesting character wearing a bright yellow romper.

brynee baylor on rhop

Although she appears in various parts of the trailer with the other women, she is not a part of the official cast, which is surprising considering how quickly she decides to stir the pot, literally jumping up out of her seat to inform her friend Charrisse that Gizelle was down by the pool gossipping about her! While she may bring the drama on camera, we here at BravoWatch may have figured out the reason that she was not made an official cast member! Her off-camera drama may have been a little too much for Bravo, as they try and distance themselves from the scandal-ridden one-season-wonder D.C. Housewives.

brynee baylor rhop 2

First of all, who is this woman in the first place? An on-screen graphic introduces her as Brynee, Charrisse’s friend, and a little digging reveals her identity as Brynee K. Baylor, an attorney from Silver Spring, Maryland. Her twitter profile (@bryneekbaylor) touts her as “The Official Friend of the Cast of The Real Housewives of Potomac.” Something tells me she was supposed to be more than that, but based on some explosive new information, heard here first, we can understand why Bravo wouldn’t want this new show to be associated with her.

brynee baylor rhop 3

This summer, during the timeframe that the show was being shot, Baylor was disbarred by a DC appeals court, who found her liable for a $2.7 million “Investment Fraud Scheme.” The scheme was uncovered by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2011. Beginning in 2010, Baylor and a client, Frank Pavlico (who later committed suicide) ran a “prime bank scheme” that defrauded 13 investors of nearly 3 MILLION DOLLARS! During the scheme, the two reportedly made up excuses, faked illnesses, and tried to explain to the victims that their money was legitimately invested, with Baylor sending out letters and contracts trying to cover up what was really happening! You can read the full details here and more about the specifics of the original 2011 case at Forbes.

We can’t say we blame Bravo for not wanting to include her in the official cast, given their disaster that they had last time they tried to film a show in the area! Let us know what you think about Brynee and her legal issues in the comments!

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  • PNutButty

    Glad she’s not official. She’s a snitch anyways.

  • Toni Knight

    I wish she was an official cast member! Love this show!

  • AfroSwirl

    …so now, why is she not in jail?…

    • Kitty

      She probably snitched on Pavlico to the feds, blamed the whole thing on him and saved her self! … Or (less scandalous) she hasn’t been to trial yet.

  • Yeah right!

    A strange bunch of women – not sure how real they are on camera-would say The Real Housewives of Melbourne the most real so far.

  • Bonnie Bowles

    I can not coment on what may have transpired in Brynee’s past prior to when I met her. I can and do feel compelled to share how grateful I am and will always be to her . A few years ago I left what had become a dangerously absusive relationship.
    I barely knew Brynee at the time , yet she insisted that me and my children stay with her and her family.
    Brynee, an aquantice at best at the time did more for me then all of my more afluent friends combined.
    My long time friends were too afraid to help me .
    They were afraid that the abusive person that I was trying to get away from would come after them if they helped me in any way, so they didn’t.
    Brynee did . Therefore, Brynee to me, is an inspiration to all of us . If we all had Brynee’s faith and courage to help rather then hide , we would know why we are here.
    Life is good for me and my children now and Its because Brynee stepped up and reached out and helped me believe in me again .
    I am finally free from the grip of fear that took me away from myself .