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RHONY Season 6 Updates and Spoilers

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 5

UPDATE: The Real Housewives of New York Season 6 will premiere March 11 at 9pm! For the RHONY S6 super trailer, new cast photos and all the latest details go here.

By now, you may be wondering “what happened to the Real Housewives of New York City?”  For the last five seasons, the series has premiered in the Spring or early Summer. Clearly, that didn’t happen this year. What we know is that there were long, drawn out contract disputes that caused filming to be delayed, and further delayed and that the women didn’t all get it together to even start filming until May of this year.

That being said, it sounds like Season 6 may actually be worth the wait. I’m hearing all kinds of juicy tidbits and, of course, I’m here to share that info with you!

There’s a new Housewife in town! I should mention here that all last season’s ladies did eventually work out their contracts and will be returning. So, get ready for more Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson in addition to any newbies. Speaking of newbies, Kristen Teakman appears to be joining the cast. kristenteakmanhousewivesNot sure in what capacity but she has been spotted filming with the other ladies. So, who is Kristen Teakman? She’s married to Josh Teakman who Heather described to Life & Style as a “dear friend”. Josh used to work for Diddy as the VP of Marketing for Bad Boy Entertainment. You may remember that Heather also used to work for Diddy as the founding Design Director for his clothing line. In Heather’s words: “Joshie and I have known each other for a very long time.” But wait! Kristen’s Housewives connections don’t end there! She’s also been described as “besties” with RHOBH’s Brandi Glanville. With friends like that, it seems like it was only a matter of time before Andy put her in front of the camera! Oh, and did I mention she’s a model? Yep, that probably didn’t hurt her chances either.

Oh the drama! As I’m sure any true Housewives fan would expect, this season is sure to have plenty of ‘Wife on ‘Wife drama. The Daily News is quoting a source close to the women as saying “Ramona [Singer] has turned into Joan Collins. She is telling everyone that she is the star of the show.” Sounds like Ramona! Apparently (shocker!) this isn’t going down so well with all the other women. However, it also sounds like Ramona’s biggest nemesis at the end of last season, Aviva Drescher, has been trying to make amends. Supposedly, we’ll be seeing an apology from Aviva to Ramona in the first episode. “Aviva tells her how much she has missed her,” the Daily News source says. “She is being so nice to Ramona that it is freaking her out. Ramona hates to be touched, and Aviva is hugging her every chance she gets.” Somewhat shockingly, it seems there is trouble between Ramona and Sonja Morgan, who up until now have been like two peas in a drunken pod. rhonysonjaramonaRemember the aforementioned contract disputes? Well, apparently Ramona is unhappy with Sonja for getting her lawyer involved to negotiate a more lucrative deal. Other than feuding with Ramona, it sounds like Sonja is still busy perfecting her toaster ovens–hopefully she won’t ask Heather for anymore “help”! Speaking of Heather, she’s pushing Yummie Tummie as hard as ever. She’s close buddies with Carole and that same Daily News source said that “Heather is using the show to promote her brand, and producers are constantly telling her to stop trying to ‘pull a Bethenny [Frankel].’ Carole is constantly firing off nasty emails to the other ladies telling them to stop talking about her.” Aww, what are friends for if not to be snarky for you via gmail? Aviva is apparently redecorating her home and has enlisted LuAnn’s help in that process (but apparently they may not have exactly the same decorating taste). And finally, I hear the biggest feud is between Aviva and Carole. (Insert shocked face here!) How could anyone pick a fight with Carole, you might ask? Apparently Aviva thinks Carole is a “fake socialite” and has set out to prove that she used a ghostwriter for her book and did not get the $800,000 advance she claims. And Carole had this to say about Season 6: “Well, last year I think I was the voice of reason. The drama sort of swirled around me. It was like a storm in a teacup, but I stayed out of the teacup. This season, though, it finds me. I scream, and curse. I’ve got to say, screaming is underrated. I loved it.”

Phew!! That about covers my updates for now! No word yet about when we might expect Season 6 to premiere. I’d say it’s a toss up whether we’ll see Beverly Hills or New York starting up after Miami wraps. But then, there’s those rumors about Atlanta starting up in November. It’s not uncommon for Bravo to run two Housewives franchises at one time…but 3? Guess we’ll wait and see!

What are your thoughts? Have you heard anything I missed?

Oh and just for fun. Here’s a shot of LuAnn, Carole, Sonja & newbie Kristen at the Mermaid Parade, in which Carole served as the Queen Mermaid! Fun times this season!

2013 Mermaid Parade



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  • Michael Gaisser

    I am waiting patiently for season 6 since I missed out on all the others! Come on Bravo! We need the premiere date and juicy promos! LOL. Where is Andy Coden when you need him? LOL

  • marshmallowjane

    Carole is in a class all by herself. Her brilliant comments are sometimes critical, but they’re not mean-spirited. She sees humor in the all the nuttiness around her. Look at her professional and personal résumé. I like to live vicariously through her (although I’m older), and she is 100 percent financially independent. It’s fun to see Carole’s fashion, too. I didn’t like Heather at the beginning of last season because she excluded one person from the group, and this is wrong. I now think she’s deep and generous. I look forward to the new season.

    The show improved once Jill had gone. Whenever she argued with someone, she wouldn’t stop until she’d turned everybody else against that individual. Lu Ann does something similar. She needs to watch herself.

    • Bridget Whelan

      I agree completely with everything you said!

  • Majella

    I was so hoping that Ramona Singer would be dropped. Ramona accuses others of being liars…she is the biggest liar of all…and is totally delusional on Pinot Grigio. She is old and tired…please, please drop Ramona, she has no entertainment value left. I speak for your Australian viewers…get rid of the old bag…the only trait she brings to the franchise is “Annoying”.

    • pcofwork

      I know I’m in the minority, but I love Ramona! She is so funny, and if it wasn’t for her, RHONY would have been cancelled long ago. Say what you will, but watching Ramona is like watching a car crash-you don’t want to look, but damn it, you just can’t help yourself!

      • Lili Klein

        I really like Ramona too! RHONY definitely wouldn’t be the same without her!

        • pcofwork

          Thank God, someone else that gets it! I also forgot to mention that she obviously is very loving and affectionate to those she loves-most of the time.

    • Jan Summer

      Ramona keeps it fun and interesting.

  • DeliverMeToEvil

    Oh who the hell cares who’s wrong and who’s right…it’s drama and I love to tune in and watch wigs get snatched and reali-tea get served….werk bitches

  • Housewives Secrets

    I have a friend who is very close with one of the NY Housewives & I have been told that there is a lot of fighting this season, a lot of backstabbing too & the annual trip away is meant to be hilarious viewing too.