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RHONY Season 6 Premiere Preview

rhony season 6 premiere

With The Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 premiere now only days away I, of course, had to see if there were any teasers of the premiere episode available. Sure, I could have just waited patiently for Tuesday, March 11 @ 9/8c to see all the ladies return in their full glory… but that would have required a degree of maturity that I apparently have yet to attain. If you’re anything like me you want to see what antics Ramona, Sonja, Carole, Aviva, Heather and newbie Kristen have up their sleeves ASAP. Luckily, several clips from Tuesday’s premiere are currently available! So, for your viewing pleasure…

First up, Ramona and Sonja meet Kristen for the first time and Ramona isn’t holding back. Kristen “may not be the sharpest tool in the shed” but she aptly (and hilariously) characterizes Ramonja as a pair of “crazy drunk aunts”. But, before Kristen can be completely intimidated into submission, a “dark cloud” descends on the party…

Next, it looks like Aviva is ready to put last season in the past but Ramona still needs some convincing (and several shots of tequila). I can’t wait to watch this scene unfold in its entirety…drunk Aviva? Yes please!

Moving on, we’ll get our first look at Kristen Taekman’s hubby, Josh, as well as some insight into the secret to their happy (?) marriage. I have to say I’m a little but nervous to see how being on Housewives affects this relationship which appears to already be showing a few cracks. Sure, I have no idea what’s been going on with these two but incessantly berating your husband for being late to take you on a date and then for being disingenuous while he’s trying to gift you some huge-ass diamond earrings…hmmm. At least it sounds like she’ll be making it up to him later…

And finally, we’ll round out the previews with a check-in with Carole who is being primped for a photo shoot when Heather shows up for a chat. It sounds like maybe things didn’t end so well with Carole’s last-season boyfriend, Russ Irwin, but there’s no holding this NYC girl down! Single and ready to mingle, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her this season.

So? Aren’t you even more excited now for Tuesday’s premiere? Who/what are you most excited about for RHONY Season 6?

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