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#RHONY “Maybe You’re The Shitty Friend!” Ramona Singer Goes On Bethenny Frankel Bashing Tirade

Things have never been the same between Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer ever since Ramona asked Bethenny if her daughter was being picked on at school, because Bethenny showed her breasts in a movie once upon a time.

You know, because 6-year-olds go around watching B-movies like Hollywood Hills 90028.  🙄

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Still, as this season of The Real Housewives of New York City has went on, you can see the tension between the two cast mates growing, and it’s obvious that Bethenny simply doesn’t want anything to do with Ramona anymore.

Unfortunately, Ramona was completely oblivious to this fact, and wasn’t self-aware enough to figure out that some tension existed, and Bethenny was, well, ignoring her.

Ramona thought that the lack of communication just meant that the two were at peace, and not actively arguing with each other, but she was too blind to realize that Bethenny was so upset that she just didn’t want anything to do with her.

It took Dorinda Medley having to intervene and tell Ramona that Bethenny was actually still “very pissed,” with her for Ramona to finally get it.

The rest is history, as the last episode of #RHONY ended with the two housewives going for each other’s throats.

Ramona has since taken to her Bravo Blog, and is saying that she can’t believe that Bethenny would never think she’s a good friend, and says that maybe Bethenny needs to do a little bit of self-reflecting herself:

Wow, Wow! Really, really? Are you kidding me, Bethenny? How can you even say that I have not been a good friend? Totally shocked that you actually think that, let alone say that!

At least I know that from the bottom of my heart, I have tried. You shut me out and shut me down. You said that there was an elephant in the room? Behind my back you talk about me being crazy and creepy and that I was coming into your space?

Okay, I think that any viewer would recognize that Ramona was being a little bit wacky on this past episode — even by Ramona standards.

Also, Bethenny wasn’t the only one that thought Ramona was acting a little bit strange, even thought Bethenny did say it felt like Ramona was in her space, and up her @$$hole.

Well, maybe you were the one who wasn’t a good friend. Maybe you were the one that closes the doors on people, and I react.

I own up to everything I am. You all tease me and call me The Apologizer. I take it all! You don’t see me shutting people out. And I am not apologizing!

Yes, I was very excited about the chocolate Santa Clause. Why wouldn’t I be? If your child loves something, it’s fun and nice, no matter her age. I have a big personality, and I am proud of who I am! You don’t like it? As I say, acquire some taste!

I know who I am. I love who I am, and people who really know me love me. As Sonja said, we roll with it. I look at life in a positive way! So does Sonja, which is why we have our forever special connection.

The Berkshires sure brings out the strangest things in all of us!

Well, I don’t think anyone could possibly argue with that last line.

Now, we have to ask:

Is Ramona A Good Friend?

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  • Veronica Hammock

    She is a better friend then bethenny! The only one bethenny cares about is her .Thou the years it’s only what she wants and what she thinks .And she can say whatever she wants about any one and it’s OK but call her out and she gets mad and walks away .If it’s not about her to hell with everyone else. Sorry but that’s what I’ve seen .