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#RHONJ Season 7 Premiere Was A Ratings Flop – See The Shocking Numbers!

I hate to say it, but things aren’t going so well in Bravo land right now, Bravoholics.

Simply put, Bravo was banking very hard on the thought that Teresa Giudice returning to the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and restarting the show after a 2-year hiatus would make for an epic season premiere that would rake in the viewers.

But that wasn’t the case. At all.

Promotion for the upcoming season has been in full effect, with all of the Bravolebrities pumping up the premiere on social media, going on press tours, etc…

Heck, even Andy Cohen himself has been absolutely gushing about the return of the show, and teasing fans along the way in hopes of promoting the premiere.

A couple months ago, he took to his Twitter account, saying that he’s watched the premiere episode multiple times, and it’s brought him to tears every single time.

He also went on to advise Bravo viewers to keep a box of tissues handy, because they’re going to need them.

Now, you’d think that the #HypeTrain would be insane, and that the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 7 premiere that aired on Sunday would be the highest rated Bravo show in freakin’ history after all the hype, and all the drama surrounding everything.

You’d be wrong.

The ratings for the episode have been released, and you’re going to be shocked at the numbers when compared to past season premieres:

  • Season 1 premiere – 1.7 million viewers
  • Season 2 premiere – 2.3 million viewers
  • Season 3 premiere – 2.8 million viewers
  • Season 4 premiere – 2.9 million viewers
  • Season 5 premiere – 2.8 million viewers
  • Season 6 premiere – 2.1 million viewers
  • Season 7 premiere – 1.7 million viewers


As you can see, the season 7 premiere attracted as many viewers as the very first episode of the show ever, before any of these Bravolebs were known, before any of them had an audience, before any of them were established, and before all of the drama.

That hurts, Bravoholics.

There’s no disputing the fact that Bravo took a major hit, and it looks like one of their cash cows has finally ran out of milk.

I guess we’ll see if ratings continue to increase over time, but this was one of the most hyped, and you’d think one of the most anticipated episodes of #RHONJ ever.

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  • Sadie Marie

    Not watching the felon.

  • Kathleen Jimenez

    I REFUSE to endorse a convicted felon.

    • Missy B

      I actually don’t mind that she’s a convicted felon. For me it’s that she’s an unchanged, unremorseful, still feels she’s ‘entitled’ felon. Maybe she needed to stay another year…or two…..or three in prison?

  • ecasside

    The Housewives Franchise has run its course. What started out as everyday housewives with their issues and challenges turned into an adult version of Mean Girls with Pitt Bulls & Paroles! Cancer Lying Con women peddling phoney cancer cures for profit, Alcoholics, Cheaters, suicides, drug addicts faking sobriety, identity thieves, murder, white house crashing, character bashing, ballroom brawlers,
    Divorce, bankruptcy, tax evasion, adultery….even their kids and dogs go bad! The idea that Teresa Guidice could go away and come back to Bravo with no remorse or accountability was too much to expect from the fans. The fact that they are common Felon Thugs who ripped off millions from people and banks, and Bravo REWARDS them says alot about the Network. Now the Guidices and Bravo are attempting to exploit the CHILDREN to get viewers to turn in!!
    BRAVO has no respect for the integrity of its audience. Continuing to shove people like Joe and Teresa Guidice, along with Con woman Vicki Gunvalson in our faces will continue to bring this Franchise DOWN!!

  • Bruniepr

    That’s because no one wants to see Teresa. She a felon and she’s not shown remorse or humbleness to what she and her husband have done.

  • GManAlexandria

    Didn’t anyone at Bravo read the Facebook threads? Over and over we promised you we wouldn’t support the continuous promotion of felons like Teresa and Joe Giudice and scam artists like Icky Vicki Gunvalson. Bravo needs to dump these desperate people or lose viewers and possibly the franchises themselves. Could be the beginning of the end of Housewives.

    • Missy B

      I’m also unwilling to support the Landon Clements of the world who lie, instigate and bully a young pregnant woman AND then right into post partum months as well. It’s just tragic how several cast mates got together to gangbangbully one who was at least 10 years younger, with way less life experience and believed in love and the man who said he loved her. Why would any network, production company even allow that to happen. At one point, the pregnant woman was hospitalized with pregnancy complications and even that was fodder for the mean group to ridicule and taunt her. Doctors don’t hospitalize and then do an early inducement on pregnant women because they are ‘manipulating people’. Still can’t believe Landon Clements not only had the audacity to say that on national tv, but then stood by her comments on the national tv reunion. Sadistic is what a person like that is. It has been referred to as ‘gaslighting’ and that’s exactly what it was.

  • Missy B

    I watched expecting to see the ‘changed Theresa’ and I saw none of that. In the next episdoe promo she is once again telling Melissa to ‘show it’. Been there, done that with Theresa the diva expecting everyone to grovel at her feet. No, Theresa, YOU show it. You said you would change during your incarceration…said it to Andy Cohen on WWHL in fact. Not only did you COMMIT FRAUD….you ARE A FRAUD. I’m not going to promote a show so you can get paid to be your same old, thinking you are ‘entitled’, unremorseful self.
    Sorry, bye Theresa.

  • Amanda Smith Schiberl

    Surely Andy and the powers that be saw this coming! I’m not watching anything to do with the Guidices or Vicki. Andy & Bravo have been tweeted…tons of threads on their posts proclaiming the fans dislikes.. apparently it all goes ignored! I know I for one, with the exception of just 2 shows, have found other things to watch other than Bravo. I’m sure there’s no love loss between either of us. Bravo doesn’t miss me, and I am not missing Bravo.

  • Mrs.K

    I dont support convicts that show zero remorse.