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RHONJ Season 6: New Cast, New Drama!

With the weird brawl/kumbaya finale over and an uneventful reunion behind us, it’s finally time to speculate about what’s in store for The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6! It seems to me that most every RHONJ fan is hoping for a pretty big shakeup for the series given how stagnant the whole Giudice/Gorga feud has become over the last two seasons. It also seems that we’re in luck! Season 6 is shaping up to be a whole new version of drama. Here’s what we’re hearing right now:

Teresa and Melissa

They’re back. Duh. Bravo has definitely heard the outcries of distaste for the incessant back-and-forth between these two. But, rather than fire one of their stars, it seems that producers would rather completely change the rest of the cast. That, along with some careful decisions about where and how filming will take place and likely some creative editing, and I’m betting we see these two sister-in-laws behaving much more civilly toward each other next season. And, with Teresa and Juicy Joe’s legal issues coming to a head, here’s hoping Melissa will play the supportive family role and lay off playing the victim…at least for a season. Recently, Melissa was spotted attending a birthday party Teresa threw for her daughter Gabriella so it seems that even in the off season these two are playing nice.


Jacqueline Laurita 

We’ve been hearing rumors for a while now that Jac would not be returning for Season 6. These rumors seem to be solidifying as more “sources” seem to be confirming that she has, indeed, been fired. According to an All Things Real Housewives source, “Jacqueline Laurita will not be returning to the show, not even as a part-time Housewife.” I’m glad that, supposing this is true, Jacqueline at least is leaving on a more positive note than seasons past. And, all the best to the Laurita family as they work on Nicholas’ recovery. At least she’ll have more time to focus on him.

Kathy Wakile 

After her appearance on the reunion (yes, she was there), it should come as no surprise that Kathy has been downgraded to “Friend of the Housewives”. It sounds like she and Rosie will both appear in this capacity. Bravo loves Rosie. Without her, most people seem to think Kathy would be out entirely. At least Kathy had a long enough run to get her cannoli business off the ground. As far as Rosie goes, I’m betting we see even more of her next season. Hopefully more of her and Juicy Joe together…have you checked out their popular (and hilarious!) web series on


Caroline Manzo 

If you somehow haven’t heard by now, Caroline is leaving the show. manzodwithchildrenFirst we were hearing that her exit would potentially only be temporary and that she would return if her spinoffManzo’d With Children was unsuccessful.Now, the word seems to be that nope, she’s out for good either way. That certainly seems to be what she’s saying anyways. She said goodbye to RHONJ via her Bravo blog and was brief and to the point. “I practice what I preach, and as I said on the reunion, I’m done. I simply feel that my role has run its course and I have nothing more to give.” But, who’s to say what might happen a few seasons down the road. Never say never to a Real Housewife! Cue Dina!!

Dina Manzo

The long awaited verdict seems to be finally in! We recently reported that Dina was considering returning but now we’re hearing that Dina has officially signed her contract and will be back for season 6! With Caroline and Jacqueline out, it seemed like a no brainer to bring Dina back. Dina and Teresa are close so hopefully this will help reestablish some balance and RHONJ won’t feel so much like the everybody vs. Teresa show. And, with Caroline out, hopefully Dina can fill the voice-of-reason void. teresaanddina


So, by my count, we’re down three Housewives and up one. (Caroline, Jacqueline & Kathy out, Dina in). This means there are at least 2 spots that I’m betting need to be filled!

nicole and teresa napolitanoEnter TWINS! That’s right, for the first time in Housewives history, we might have a set of twins starring on RHONJ. Nicole Napolitano and her sister Teresa Napolitano Aprea are from Colt Neck, NJ and have no connections to the current cast. Faux Reality Ent shares a brief bio of the sisters: “Both are affluent, beautiful and intelligent women with strong family values. Teresa Napolitano Aprea and her husband are well known in philanthropic circles in New Jersey. Nicole owns a Diary Queen and is extremely successful. Teresa and Nicole are “40ish” and twins. Family is everything to these two.” Uh-oh! “family is everything” seems to be a familiar theme on RHONJ but it usually means drama drama drama! Another first for the Housewives franchise would be two women of the same name on the same series at the same time. Just how will we know who Andy is talking to at the reunion if there are two Teresas? Will Teresa Giudice have to go by Teresa G??? For a woman who famously can’t even live in a “used house” or share the spotlight with her sister-in-law, how is she supposed to share her first name on HER show?!? But, anyways, so far we’ve heard these two have filmed test scenes and been offered contracts but not sure if they’ve signed. And, as per usual, Bravo has yet to confirm anything.

10/17 UPDATE: It sounds like not only might Bravo be casting these twins, but also a friend of theirs: Amber Marchese. “The show got really dark,”  an insider explained to In Touch“They needed to bring in new faces to get back to some of the lighter drama that everyone loves from the Real Housewives franchise.”

As you can see, Season 6 is shaping up to be a brand new take on life as a New Jersey Housewife. While Bravo has been mum on any of the above speculations (aside from Caroline leaving, that’s official), I’m expecting to find out more in the weeks ahead as the ladies gear up for filming once again.

From losing over half the current cast to adding twins to following Teresa’s legal battle, I’m sure Bravo will not disappoint! What do you think about Season 6? Does it sound like an improvement over Season 5?



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  • lacy

    Please please get rid of teresa. she is so stupid. she can’t even make full sentences. god, I can’t watch that show with her anymore. Jac and Caroline were the only ones why I’d watch that show. Bravo, your destroying yourself with this annoying demented idiot.

    • joejoe

      Maybe you should take a grammar course.

    • Charlotte Smith

      That is so true

  • TimeWillTellAll

    Looking forward to the episode where the Fabulicious One and her Juicy Joke are convicted of federal crimes.

  • Chloé Ferguson ♥

    Fine Add new people but why get rid of some of the other cast? Hope it doesn’t destroy the show! Will miss jaq & caroline. Plus, why even bring Dina back? Waste of time!

  • a katsopolos

    R h o n j senson 6 it brother this year becoz of Joe n Theresa hope tan talk out a lot of dear wishers a about other ways is just walk way form problems wit ether other their noa n noun hope day fand out their family ways like my family are we hand are ways to talk n not figth about it take me of in fie is way to talk wit ether other that wit family is to be dear one

  • disqus_00fQA7JG0O

    i love Kathy, Teresa, and jaqcuiline

  • Johnny G

    I’m not crazy about Jacqueline leaving nor do i like this so called downgrade of Kathy and Rosie. I love Rosie!! I also don’t like Dina’s return! If that was the course you are taking then you should bring back Danielle!! Honestly i just wish Joe Gudice gets deported! I’m sick of Teresa’s two faced antics! !

    • Debi Marie

      Couldn’t of said it better

  • Darcygirl

    I don’t necessarily want them to get rid of Teresa, as I have to admit, I love watching the train wreck that is her family – her disrespectful husband and her mouthy brats – well not that poor kid that they NEVER put on TV – what’s with that – the poor kid is going to need therapy when she’s older – HAH or maybe NOT because she’s NOT the focus like Gia and Melania. I think any kind of love-in or truce between Melissa and Teresa will be fake as they are both so much alike I actually believe that they can’t stand each other. I have always like Caroline and Jacqueline so I’m going to miss them…could care less about Dina coming back and I think that putting Kathy on the backburner, so to speak, is a mistake…her family is great – hilarious and “normal” and I always like watching them. I’ll watch for sure when the new seasons starts but I don’t know how long I’ll last.

  • Leah

    I love watching all the housewives I think Teresa heart I is the right place and I think Melissa really did cheat on her husband she just came on the show to get famous and she can not sing who is she kidding I think she so fake can’t wait for season 6

  • Bayride

    I love them twins,they are the nicest people I ever meet they will being a lot of joy to the show.and inproving this show it’s just what it humidor

  • Debi Marie

    No way Dina is a premadonna. Teresa should be going to jail. I’m quitting the show to.

  • Jennifer

    They should add ppl that are connected to the current cast! Or even the past cast members!

  • Barb Holcombe

    Don’t like the changes – probably won’t watch anymore.

  • Rob Mullen

    I watched because of Caroline and Jacqueline. Dina coming back turns me off, don’t think I’ll watch anymore. Teresa still there, please give me a break.

  • Rebecca Schaaf Dalrymple

    This was my favorite but without Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy, forget it!! Why even watch?? To see the self absorbed one or the convict? No thanks!!!

  • Macauley

    Teresa is the heart of the show, if she is not on it, then there is no RHONJ. She is my absolute favorite. I wish that Dina would’ve came back while Caroline was on the show because that would’ve created some major drama. I am not sure how I feel about the new girls. I feel like it will be a battle between the originals and the newbies. Team Originals here.

  • Alex Kalyviaris

    im glad Theresa isn’t on her own anymore

  • Melissa Edwards

    I wish the original cast was still on there. I may not have liked them all, but it made the show much better than it is now.

  • Charlotte Smith

    Bring back Caroline and Jacqueline what are you doing getting rid of them are you crazy the show will not be the same .so were stuck with that stupid teresa and that voice she dus o, m, g I will not be watching the Teresa show not for me

  • Joanny

    I am very sorry to hear that Kathy and Rosie will be just “Friends.” They are great.
    I loved watching Kathy, Carolyn and Rose are level headed and real. Jacquie (I can see why she isn’t returning – she wants to spend time with her son) best of luck to her and him.
    I like Melissa but that part where she was having pictures taken for her book (where she was on the staircase) and saying more fan, more fan kind of turned me off to her. She seemed so self-centered and very superficial. Maybe the cut a lot out so it looked that way. I hope so.
    Teresa is nothing but a troublemaker. I can see why Melissa and Joe have their toubles with her. Hopefully she will smarten up. Maybe possibly going to jail with straighter her out. She really isn’t too bright. She has made unbelieveable comments.

  • Vanessa Michele

    I will really miss the cast members who are leaving and being sidelined. As for Teresa, I can’t believe that anyone believed that her lying scumbag of a husband was talking to anyone but a lover by the way he spoke and that disgusting word he used to describe her when they were in Napa. Is she really as stupid as she appears from over here across the pond? I had one of those for 15 years and the best thing I ever did was run in the opposite direction. Teresa is dumb and poisonous and thats a dangerous combination. Lets see if the show picks up any with the newbies – there is only so much Guidice/Gorga crap that decent people can watch – we are all over it!

  • Sharon Lacoursiere

    The twins and amber should go