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RHONJ Season 5 Finale Preview & What Bravo Doesn’t Want You to See

If you’ve been following season 5 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, you may be experiencing that feeling of deja vu all over again. In my research for the finale set to air this Sunday, September 29, I was skimming through this one article and it went something like this (I’m paraphrasing): Oh, Teresa, what happened? It seemed like the Giudices and the Gorgas had finally mended things and then the finale comes along and it’s an explosive reversal of everything that had been building all season! I got almost all the way through the article before I realized this article was from 2011. It wasn’t even about season 5! You know the show is playing like a broken record when you can literally interchange finale recaps season to season.

Here’s hoping for some kind of shake-up next season. But, that’s another topic for another day.

Back to the finale. Here’s a few faces from right before last week’s episode cut out with a To Be Continued…

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Last Sunday, the ladies left us wondering who to trust: Penny or Teresa. If you ask me, Jacqueline probably had it right when she speculated that Teresa had gotten Penny and Johnny Karagiorgis involved early on but then things got out of hand and she could no longer control the situation. Regardless, here we are now at another Kim D event that’s about to get cray cray.

Just how cray, though? Well, we’ve been hearing since before this season even aired about a giant brawl that went down involving Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, Joe Gorga, and Penny and John Karagiorgis. How do we know about this? Because there have been charges filed and everyone is going to court. What does this mean for the season finale? Well, All About the Real Housewives is reporting that we will not get to see any footage of this brawl. AND that producers have carefully edited the footage to give us a very different picture of what really went down. Here’s what their source had to say:

“The brawl was originally supposed to air with Johnny but after he filed charges, Bravo completely edited both Penny and Johnny out of the season finale. At one point, Caroline says something along the lines of “this is all your fault. Are you happy with what you did to this family?” Referring to Teresa and Melissa’s relationship and the camera points to Kim D. Caroline was originally saying this to Penny but because Penny was edited out, Bravo wanted to make it as if Kim D and Caroline are arguing.”

The source continues, “Penny who didn’t plan on feuding with Caroline fought back and accused Caroline’s husband Albert of cheating on Caroline for the past 5 years. Bravo also edited this part out. The finale is going to look as if the arguments that were originally going on with Penny are actually Kim D. Bravo felt like they had no choice with all the legal issues going on.”

If anything, this only makes me more upset about Penny and Johnny’s involvement this season. First, they stir up old drama between Teresa and Melissa, regardless of how she became involved it’s pretty crappy to do that, and, second, when everyone gets upset about all of this and goes nuts, we don’t actually get to see the real story because Penny and Johnny have taken the issue to court. UGH! Penny, of course, has a whole other side of the story, which you can ready about here.

The good news is that somehow the cast members must get through this on semi-amicable terms because we’ve heard that the reunion is less dramatic than seasons past and as recently as last Sunday Jacqueline told Andy Cohen on WWHL that she is in a good place with Teresa.

In other good news, we’ll get to see Teresa and Joe Giudice open up about their legal issues on WWHL after the finale airs. With how little the two of them have ever said about this publicly, I know I’ll be watching to see what they have to say. Here’s a preview:

What do you think about all of this? Did you enjoy this season of RHONJ? How do you feel about Bravo editing the finale so much?



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