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RHONJ Season 5 Underway!

I’m assuming you caught the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 premiere last night. If not, get on it! It certainly did not disappoint in terms of drama.

There are plenty of episode recaps for you out there so I won’t give you a detailed play-by-play but I would like to point out a few interesting tid-bits that I felt were interesting or noteworthy.

First off, we tour the Jersey shore homes of some of the cast to see the wreckage of hurricane Sandy.

Most selfish reaction? Teresa wins that category (shocker!) for her feeling that the hurricane was really a blessing in disguise because it will put contractors (like her husband) to work and really get the economy going. She added that she’s very thankful that this is her second home because some people are now homeless. At least she’s got perspective…

Most reasonable reaction? Gotta give that to her brother Joe who felt that as long as his family was unharmed, nothing else matters.

rhonj season 5 episode 1 jac

Moving on. I have to admit to wiping a few tears watching Jacqueline’s struggle with her autistic son. It was pretty heartbreaking watching that poor kid struggle for the iPad.

Regardless of how you feel about her, I can’t imagine not feeling some sympathy for their situation.



rhonj season 5 episode 1


How about most shocking moment? I gotta give that one to Teresa & Gia on their shopping date. Perhaps letting your prepubescent daughter text your estranged sister-in-law on your behalf is not the smartest course when trying to mend fences. Although I must admit that Gia is growing up quickly… (Teresa wonders what she’ll be like at 15 and boy do I hope we’re still watching to see it cuz that girl is seriously a piece of work!) but still. To be fair, Teresa may have the communication skills of a precocious 11-year-old anyways so maybe it’s a wash.



And finally, the cutest moment had to be Milania & Antonia’s reunion at the bead store.

rhonj season 5 episode 1 cousins hug


Their moms, on the other hand, didn’t even try for anything like this warm reunion. I suppose that’s to their credit for being “real”. I was also somewhat shocked at Melissa’s micromanaging of the girls beading experience. What was up with that? It seems like maybe the producers are planning to show the not-so-perfect side of Melissa this season. (Our other clue was during the “coming this season” clip where Caroline hinted that maybe she hadn’t seen the real Melissa up until now).

What did you think were the most shocking, touching or ridiculous moments from the premiere? Are you excited to see how this season is going to play out?

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  • Rita

    Teresa is in need of major help…. she still won’t see that she is more than 80% at fault for all things that go wrong in that family and her husband is at fault my 15%…The problem is she thinks that she is better than Melissa which is baloney. Her daughter is acting too grown up and it is her that involves her children in the problems yet she think Joe and Melissa involve theirs. She should not have let her daughter text to Melissa but at least her daughters do seem to have more class and common senses than their parents.