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RHONJ Reunion Sneak Peek!

The Real  Housewives of New Jersey - Season 5

Well, it’s that bittersweet time of year again, folks. Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey wrapped last Sunday which means two things: 1) time to brace ourselves for months of waiting until Teresa and crew are back on the air again (bitter) and 2) it’s time for a reunion!! (sweet!!!)

And don’t let last week’s feel-good finale fool you. Even though it appears the Giudices and Gorgas are maybe, finally, hopefully leaving the past in the past and moving forward, there’s still sure to be plenty of drama to go around.

First of all, I’ll go ahead and share the official reunion trailer now so you can see for yourself:

Andy’s dramatic voice over sums it up: “The season ended with peace but do underlying tensions still threaten this family?” Caroline says the Teresa and Melissa are not being truthful (say it isn’t so!), Teresa & Joe’s legal woes are discussed, and just what exactly does Joey Gorga know because of gay men?

Bravo does get a bit more specific about some of the drama we can expect when it comes to a juicy tidbit that’s been circulating regarding Caroline’s marriage. Word is that cheating allegations came up during the filming of the finale at the Posche 2 event but that it was edited out. Andy asks Caroline to clarify something she said in a previous interview about Al cheating and this is her response: “I’m 52. He’s 53. For me to think for a moment that he has been completely faithful for 32 years, I think that’s a foolish way to think.” Um…ok? Here’s the clip:

Do you think it’s only natural for someone to cheat if they are in a 30 year relationship?

Overall, I think we better cut all the ladies some slack when it comes to the reunions. In a recent interview with Ok Magazine, Melissa Gorga had this to say:

“The reunion is brutal. You can ask any housewife from any franchise and they will tell you that it’s the most dreaded day. It’s usually about 12 hours long and there’s a lot of questions. There’s a lot of ‘he said/she said/You said/I said’s’ and ‘I didn’t mean it,’ and tears, and it’s just crazy. It’s a crazy day. It comes with the territory! We have to do it and yes, it is brutal. We do not look forward to it. We know we need to do it because we have to sum everything up and give all the answers on what went on this season but it is brutal.”

She went on describe the season 5 reunion more specifically:

“They’re always enlightening and this one is no different. I think that there’s a lot of support at this reunion and I think that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes that were a little confusing that will start to come out for you. So I think the fans will appreciate seeing, you know, a lot of the inside scoop.”

Read about Teresa and Jacqueline’s post-reunion reactions here.

Now, finally, what you’ve all truly been waiting for: What/who were they wearing?? Bravo shared the inside scoop on the ladies fashion choices.


Caroline Manzo was in a deep blue, long-sleeved off-the shoulder dress designed by none other than Lindsey Andrews, her son Albie’s ex-girlfriend. Her silver pointy-toe pumps were by Jimmy Choo.

Jacqueline Laurita went with a long sleeved, jersey dress in a deep autumnal red by Donna Karan. She left the sparkle factor to her Jimmy Choo shoes and a may-jah jeweled cuff. Rounding out the long-sleeved trifecta was Kathy Wakile, who chose a plunging black dress by local New Jersey designer Lyn Kohls and shoes by Saint Laurent Paris.

Melissa Gorga opted for a full-length gown, wearing a coral, Grecian one shouldered number with a gold belt designed by Nicole Bakti (available for sale at Her matching strappy gold sandals were by Alexander McQueen.

Finally, Teresa Giudice rounded out the ensemble with a look that was all Teresa: her aqua-color Parker mini-dress was fully embellished with crystals. She chose simpler black Guiseppe Zanotti shoes to offset the sparkly outfit.

I know I’ll be watching on Sunday night! Will you?


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  • ij

    The season 5 was all about negativity and positive reaction;however; all in all was great. Teresa be yourself and speak your mind freely. Everybody in the show said things about Teresa in a negative way and Teresa have the right to talk about them also. Teresa when it time to fight and that is what the show is all about entertainment ;that is why the show is getting a high rating.Andy did a good job with the show and also with Atlanta housewives. Who cares about negative comment and people love to be entertain. I am looking forward for season six and great job Andy. Teresa good luck and to all the housewives do not focus on what people have said ; just move on.