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#RHOC: Shannon Beador Plastic Surgery Rumors Abound As Her Weight Gain Spirals Out Of Control!

After checking out the season 12 trailer for The Real Housewives of Orange County, one of the biggest questions is what has Shannon Beador done to combat her weight gain since the season began filming?

Well, we’re going to try to answer that for you in this post, as there have been some developments.

Let’s face it, Shannon had it pretty rough on season 11, which could have aided in her weight gain and her weight is something that she’s always had a problem with keeping under control.

Now, since she’s a bit bigger, fans are rushing to the gates, saying that they believe Shannon has had some plastic surgery done, but could it just be the result of gaining a few extra pounds?

In case you didn’t know, Shannon has admitted to having some plastic surgery in the past.

She’s admitted that she had both a nose and chin job during her sophomore year in college.

Still, Shannon believes that you should accept the body you’re born with and embrace it:

The body that you’re born with is your body and love it.

That statement doesn’t exactly go along with the fact that she’s had plastic surgery in the past, but oh well.

However, the fact remains that Shannon has gained some weight and she’s not happy with her body right now.

So, what’s she doing to combat the extra added pounds?

Well, she checked herself into a wellness retreat known as The Golden Door and is located in San Marcos, California.

Even though the place is referred to as a wellness center, Shannon refers to the place as being a “fat farm.”

Since entering the facility, Shannon has posted some inspiring pictures of herself on social media, proud of her weight loss and also not wearing any make-up.

She added the following caption to the above photo:

Grateful and blessed to be @thegoldendoor #healthyeating #exercise #meditation #nomakeup #gettingclarity

In another picture, Shannon is lying on a massage table, amazed at all of the stuff she’s learned while attending the program at The Golden Door:

I continue to be in awe @thegoldendoor! I found out this week that proceeds from their resort and products go to causes that help abused children which is amazing! I have gained an incredible amount of weight in the last 8 months, and not only did I lose 5 pounds (and inches!) here, I learned how to take care of my skin.

Well, it looks like the place is doing her some good, as she’s lost 5lbs already, but what’s more impressive is the fact that she’s already lost 5-inches off of her waistline.

Still, for those who are curious, here’s a picture for reference:

On the left is a picture of Shannon in 2014, and on the right is a picture of her in 2016.

Let’s hope she can still keep kicking some serious butt and shed those extra pounds.

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