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#RHOC Meghan King Edmonds Shows Off Amazing Body While Vacationing In Hawaii!

What baby fat?

Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan King Edmonds took to her Instagram page to share a ton of photos from her little vacation to Hawaii.

She posted up a flyer for Kauai Fashion Weekend, which may lead you to think that she’d go on a posting frenzy, sharing pictures of herself getting all dressed up like she’s about to walk the runway, but instead, she was more excited to share all of the life experiences she gained while in Paradise.

Meghan shared a ton of photos of her indulging in some amazing tourist activities, such as zip-lining, long boarding, water repelling and she even hiked to a 300ft waterfall that you can only access on foot — and it’s an 8-mile hike, so it’s definitely not an activity for the weak.

We can’t help but notice the absolutely amazing body Meghan is rocking, as well. Are we even sure this chick had a kid?

As we mentioned, Meghan was in Kauai for the Fashion Weekend, and if you were lucky enough to be in attendance, you would have the opportunity to meet Meghan:

As if you needed more reasons to go to Hawaii  😉

So, what is Kauai Fashion Weekend?

Basically, it’s an event that draws the attention of international designers, independent designers, photographers, and fashion enthusiasts in general.

Kauai is the fourth largest island in Hawaii and is mostly known for its beautiful landscape, but a fashion scene has begun to emerge on the island, which is only getting bigger.

As a matter of fact, Kauai-based swimwear company, Kaikini Bikinis, has become the largest swimwear company in the entire state.

Kauai Fashion Weekend is an annual event that’s held not only for fashion enthusiasts that want to see the latest trends but is an event that the founder hopes will inspire other Kauai-based entrepreneurs.

If you want to check out a collection of pictures Meghan shared while enjoying her trip to Hawaii and Kauai, you can check out the gallery we’ve put together below:

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