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RHOC Finale Preview: Ryan Loses It and Everyone’s Got Issues

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 8

‘Tis the season! Well, the end of the season, that is. And here we are in Vicki’s Winter Wonderland to celebrate. Despite her wintery decor, things appear to really be heating up for the Real Housewives of Orange County finale, set to air Monday, August 5.

In case you can’t wait until Monday’s finale airs, here’s the scoop on some of the action you can expect:

I’ve gotta say, the biggest shocker for me is a huge fight between two of the least likely people. I mean, who isn’t expecting drama between Vicki & Slade or Tamra & Gretchen (more on those later) but how bout this one: Briana’s seemingly even-keeled husband Ryan Culberson vs. Lydia’s hippie, pot-smoking mom Judy Stirling. And guess what about? Judy, who said she’d only had one drink (and probably a couple o’ doobies) apparently was relaxing with her feet up on Vicki’s brand new sofa. Ryan found this extremely disrespectful and asked her (perhaps not-so-politely) to remove them. This one’s reminiscent of last season’s drunk-girl-finger-in-cake-gate if you ask me. The argument spins out of control to the point of Ryan yelling and cussing and telling fairy-duster Judy to hit the road. Vicki, her brother, Briana, and Lydia all get involved and it isn’t a pretty scene. Bottom line: WTF Ryan?! Yes, it isn’t so great that someone put their feet on your (well, your mother-in-law’s) couch but is that kind of reaction EVER appropriate? Maybe if she put her feet up on baby Troy’s face but other than that…sheesh! Friendly Dish speculates that he’s just off his rocker because he’s only home for this one weekend, is about to ship out again, and he finds that Vicki is throwing a huge ass party with the whole world watching. And let’s face it, Vicki isn’t probably the most stress-free of mother-in-laws. But still, his behavior is completely indefensible. See for yourself:

Next, on to the expected drama. Vicki, with Lydia in tow, approaches Slade about his bashing of women’s appearances. The ladies think that it’s totally unacceptable for a man to ever make fun of the way a woman looks. Fair enough. But then, I kind of agree with Slade that if you can dish it out, you should be able to take it. Vicki even says that it’s like making fun of a man about his money. Pretty sure she’s done that to him, right?! What else was she saying when she accused him of not paying child support? I agree that Slade has said some pretty insensitive things about Vicki and, don’t get me wrong, I think he’s pretty much a total scumbag, but not sure I agree that there’s some sacred rule about what you can and can’t poke fun of a woman or a man about. I’ll wait to see how the whole scene unfolds before passing my final judgement on this one:

Finally, looks like we’ll be seeing plenty of drama amongst the ladies themselves. Tamra and Gretchen accuse each other of lies and deception, Gretchen and Heather have it out about Malibu Country, and somehow, Alexis is brought to tears when her husband Jim faces the other women for the first time all season. Oh, and Vicki’s back with Brooks which makes everyone uncomfortable and Briana says she’s moving out.

It’s sure to be among the most dramatic finales yet! Will you be watching?

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  • kri

    Ryan was a complete ass and a loose cannon!! He was disrespectful to Judy and he tried to say he owned the house.. Vicki , take control of your house. Make them move out and start their home.

  • Carl

    I am beyond shocked how disrespectful Ryan Culberson was to Lydia’s mother. She is like the sweetest person to everybody from what I have seen on the show. She is such a class act and he thinks it’s ok to go off on her. He lies and says she used the Fword. They replayed the tape and it shows she never said the F word to him. He used the F word constantly while talking to her and he was intimidating her with his threatening manner. He has anger problems. Brianna has to stop making excuses for him and his immature behavior. If Ryan doesn’t like something he makes sure everybody knows it and goes off on them. He needs psychological help if he thinks a 64 year old woman is a threat that needs to be removed. The woman wasn’t simply putting her feet up and he went off on her. She wasn’t disrespecting the home. I mean geez are people allowed to sit on the furniture if they come over. Ryan and Brianna are nothing but maniuplators. They have taken over Vicki’s house and now they decided what is ok at Vicki’s house. I would throw them out. The way Brianna says well if you do this or that we will move out. And she gives them a break on the rent and they think they own the house. They are renters, not owners. Maybe Brianna and Ryan are together because they are both control freaks. I don’t know. All I know is Vicki should be able to have whoever the hell she wants in her house anytime she wants them over. I think Brianna and Ryan will end up in divorce one day. It is inevitable with a hot head who is abusive toward women. I hope he gets the psychological help he needs. I love Lydia’s mom, she is so cool. She is so laid back and is just a sweet person from what I have seen on the show. She is a class act. Cuz even when Ryan was yelling and swearing at her she was trying to calm the situation and there was just no reasoning with him cuz he was so angry.

  • mickie B

    Ryan is acting like a man with abusive tendencies…Brianna, look out. The idea that ANY man would speak to a woman like that is outrageous, but his behavior went beyond that. He was aggressive…and with a woman of 60 something no less! The way Ryan acted at the party suggests that he may want to seek treatment for his anger and his inability to hold his drink. He was SOOOOOO worried about people not respecting him, well now I don’t.

  • Bryan

    WTF is it with Ryan? Number one, I don’t understand why he and Brianna moved in with Vicki to begin with. But let’s face it, they are living in VICKI’S home. He should have no say one way or the other about ANYTHING that goes on at the house. There is no defense for his behavior. And while I don’t really care for Brooks either, Vicki is an adult, it’s HER HOUSE, and she should be able to do what the hell she wants.

  • cat13

    As the Gold Star Wife of a Marine I would like to say:

    EVERYONE UPSET WITH RYAN PLEASE READ: To the enrage Mob ready to lynch (some of the responses I’ve read online weren’t far off from this, some were even worse) the military man who cursed and went verbally overboard on an elderly woman I would say –
    Please remember you are viewing an EDITED situation on a reality tv show. So many are calling for action to write letters to his commander etc. and I ask,
    Who does it help to get this one person either demoted or thrown out of the military?
    So he’s even angrier with completely free time on his hands since he no longer has a job and no longer has health benefits so he can’t get ANY sort of help for mental problems, whether they be PTSD, anger management issues, or something else, not to mention growing frustration since he will have great difficulty getting another job with a dishonorable discharge on his record. Seriously, I ask you to think, WHAT WOULD THAT SERVE?? How would that benefit anyone?

    Do you realize that we currently lose over 20 soldiers a day to suicide? And that the average wait time to get a mental health appointment (even if you are suicidal) is TWO MONTHS?! This is inexcusable. These people are the ones ensuring your freedom to sit behind your computer and voice your opinion on a reality tv show. It is quite obvious from his behavior that he has a problem and that he needs help.

    I would charge you instead to turn this negative into a positive – Why don’t you write productive letters to your senators and ask them to please increase the funding SPECIFICALLY for military mental health care so that the soldiers with PTSD, depression or anger issues can actually get help?! Perhaps, instead of just droning one lone person out of the military, we can use the horrible verbal altercation with Judy to bring about something good and productive. Join me in trying to make a positive out of this situation!

    FYI, you can google military mental health and find lots of information for yourself, but here are just a couple links that show what a real tragedy is occurring and scarcely covered by the media:

    Thank you for reading.