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RHOBH: Tough Break, Season 4 Episode 12 Recap

The glitz and glamour of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took the back seat tonight as the ladies shared some heart felt moments, kicked some serious butt, and spent some quality time with a stripper pole.

In case you’re not up to speed, RHOBH Season 4 has brought a range of different emotions from all the women. We have watched Yolanda recovering from a difficult battle with lime disease and celebrating her 2nd anniversary with hubby David (with a gift that proves she’s still got her supermodel sex appeal!) Brandi has been the center of most of this season’s controversy, her foot-in-mouth syndrome getting her in trouble more than once (more on that to come). Besides being labeled a racist by newbie Joyce, she’s been dealing with the loss of her beloved dog, Chico as well as difficulties within her family. At the end of last season, Kim adopted a pup, Kingsley who, despite some lack of training, has become the center of her world with her daughter Kimberly graduating and leaving home. It has been beautiful to see Kim for who she really is on the inside and still sober. Her sister Kyle has had a little bit of a harder season. Her hunky hubby Mauricio (who, on Watch What Happens Live, was voted hottest house husband) has been in the headlines for a cheating scandal. Supposedly, Kyle even threatened to leave the show after the allegations became a part of the Season 4 storyline. Lisa Vanderpump has had a busy season, preparing to open a new restaurant and trying to keep Brandi in line without too much mothering. So far, new girl/beauty queen, Joyce’s storyline has been mostly about butting heads with Brandi. Their feud culminated last week in a half-hearted cease-fire which I’m betting is very temporary. Our other new addition, Carlton, is perhaps the most a-typical “housewife” yet. She’s invited viewers into her gothic-style home, opened up to the world (well, to everyone except Kyle) about her Wiccan beliefs, and even shown us how to properly wear a ball-gag. At this point, the early-season battle lines have started to blur…can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds!

Kicking off this latest episode, we joined Carlton at her home. She, along with some very very close girlfriends, was holding auditions for dancers to work her annual pool party. Stripper poles seem to be becoming a regular fixture for our ladies in the 90210. Last week, Brandi did so much twirling on the pole with Carlton that she made herself sick afterword at Kim’s luau graduation party. And, if you remember, last season all the ladies gave it a try.

rhobh pole dancing

Brandi showed a different side this episode, giving us a more in depth look at her family. Brandi’s relationship with her father has been complicated. We learned previously that he was disappointed with the dress she chose for the Oscars (remind me why Brandi Glanville was at the Oscars??)

brandi oscars dress

In her book “Drinking and Tweeting” Brandi wrote that her father was a drug dealer. This did not sit well with her father since he was “only a weed grower and distributor”…hmmm. Me thinks there must be more to that story. Either that or Guy Glanville is just really fond of splitting hairs. The fact that Brandi explained how she saw her father naked often while growing up was rather disturbing…if I were him I might be more upset about that allegation. Brandi is so un-predictable you never know what she will say, sometimes it is wonderful and others she should just stop talking (Brandi and Kenya from RHOA would make great friends). Yolanda tagged along with Brandi for her home town book singing in Sacramento and attended a birthday dinner for Brandi’s father. Yo worked her flirtatious magic and seemed to help mend the father-daughter rift. In the end, it seemed like the Sacramento trip was a big step in Brandi moving forward with her father.

Self-defense classes are designed to teach you the skills to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. Putting seven women in a class together who already have to defend themselves against each other weekly made for some entertaining television. Yolanda almost killed the teacher, putting him in a chokehold and not realizing what “tap out” means (twice)! Hah! She was just grinning away while his face began to turn different shades of red and purple.

yolanda rhobh choke hold

Each women took their turn with the trainer to practice punching, most were kinda scared and pretty wimpy hits. Pink sports bra-clad Lisa shimmied around before throwing a solid punch to the distracted trainer’s face. We then got to see the fight we have been dying to see for 4 seasons… Kim and Kyle Richards finally in a ring taking punches at each other! Kim took Kyle down in a pretty feisty fight (I think my fist pumping the air rooting for Kim helped!) Of course, it isn’t a good time until somebody gets hurt. Brandi threw one epic punch and injured her hand and hurt the trainer. Watch out, LeAnn!

Next week, it’s Carlton’s pool party and it looks like we’ll be seeing her Wiccan beliefs in full force! Joyce says she doesn’t believe in spells so cannot be affected by them and Carlton sets out to prove her wrong. Who knows, Carlton might also be ready to cast a spell on Kyle after she insults her newest tattoo about her children (although I’m not sure I totally understand how mistaking her pentagram for a Jewish star is such an insult?) Then for some crazy reason we see a short clip of Kim holding a fake demon puppy. (Where are they and WTF?!) It’s a painfully long week waiting for next Monday’s new episode but it will surely be worth the wait! In the mean time, these clips should get you through:

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