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#RHOBH Season 6 Reunion Part 2 – Lisa Rinna Is So FAKE!

We would like to give a huge shout out to Jessica Kratz for writing and submitting this post to us!

As usual, I find myself having a lot of feelings about Part Two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. Is Yolanda going to be okay? Will LVP ever admit to anything she’s done? Is Kyle going to cry again? But one thought stuck in my mind through the entire rollercoaster hour:

Lisa Rinna is so fake.

I know, it’s a bold, polarizing statement. But it’s a true one.

I came in already annoyed with her from Part One when she was DYING to get up and steal Erika’s Pat the Puss spotlight. I tried to rationalize that oh, that’s just the usual over-animated Rinna trying hard for that airtime. It couldn’t possibly get worse than that…could it?

Turns out it could. As I sipped my Lemonade (WHAT UP, BEY!?) and curled up on the couch, I couldn’t help but realize just how hard she was trying to be the star of the show. How convenient was it that she has to get up and walk off the set right after Yo had done it? The look on Andy’s face in that moment said it all. 

annoyed andy cohen

It really started to bother me when she got up from her couch to console a crying Yolanda. How is it that one moment she’s spreading these malicious things about Yo to anyone who will listen to her, and the next she’s crouching on the floor, holding her hand, and telling her Shawn Mullen’s style that “everything’s gonna be alright?” As they took a break, there’s Rinna on the couch with Yo, holding her hand, telling her that she “doesn’t know what happened,” that she loves her and that she “never really wanted to hurt her ever.” I’d love for her to explain how calling Yo the most manipulative person in the group wasn’t intended to be hurtful? Or is that a compliment in Beverly Hills? If so, LVP is being showered with love throughout this season…

I’m aware that some may just dismiss that as a common theme among the Housewives: we may hate each other most of the time but we will always be there for each other. Sure. Okay. Let’s talk about Kim Richards then. Kim and Rinna have obviously have had a very documented dramatic history (as we saw when they replayed the glass-breaking fiasco at least twelve times this season).  I haven’t always been the biggest Kim fan, and lying about Harry Hamlin just to get under Rinna’s skin was very uncool in my book. Rinna has every right to not be friends with Kim, so even when Kim tried to sit down with her and she was having none of it, it made sense to me. What doesn’t make sense to me is after Eileen expresses how she’s always wanted the best for Kim, Rinna has the audacity to blurt out “and so have I, even though it might not look like it.” She wants her to feel good about herself? She only has wonderful thoughts for her? Did I slip into an alternate universe full of rainbows and unicorns and free Botox? How disingenuous can one human being be? I think it would be far more noble at this point for Rinna to just admit already that she doesn’t care about Kim Richards and be done with it. 

By the time they got to the debate over the word barbecue I’m pretty sure my mind had completely melted. “I’m going to have a real barbecue. I’ll serve kobe beef!” OF COURSE YOU WILL, RINNA! Of course you will.

My sweet, dear fearless leader Andy Cohen illustrated it best: “You said a lot of strong things… and it seems like you’re just sweeping them under the rug.” I’m starting to realize that this is a pattern you can trace all the way back to last season. Did LVP “encourage” Rinna to harp on Kim’s disease constantly? Maybe she did. Maybe LVP really is this master puppeteer that has everyone dancing to her every whim. Are we to believe that Rinna doesn’t have her own brain? Her own conscience?  Did she have to do any of this on camera over, and over, and over again? Or did she think “yeah…if I perpetuate all of this drama, I’ll for sure be signed on for next season!” Sure enough, we spent how many episodes with her mouth as the focal point (and not just for those lips)?  I think it’s time for her to stand up and take true accountability for her own actions. And as a die-hard Real Housewives fan, I think it’s time for her to stop trying to create drama to further her own storyline.  

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