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RHOBH Season 5 Updates Including NEW HOUSEWIFE Lisa Rinna!

kyle filming rhobh s5

Filming of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 is full swing and we’re hearing some pretty exciting rumors about who may be joining the cast! Multiple sources are reporting that Lisa Rinna is the new wife on the block this year!

After hearing talk about Lisa becoming a Housewife since well before last season, I’ll admit I was skeptical. Lisa herself said to E! News in May 2013, “Basically that was never gonna happen,” and later tweeted, “For the record, no. I am not going to be a housewife. Keep calm and carry on.” So, despite seeing hints here and there for a while now that Lisa would be added to the cast, I held out until now to pass the story along. But, it sure looks now like Lisa has had a change of heart after all and will, indeed, be a new Beverly Hills Housewife!

So, why am I convinced?

First of all, we know Lisa is already quite friendly with the boss man: lisa rinna andy kiss rhobh

Lip-locking aside, E News is reporting to have multiple sources confirming that Lisa is joining the cast. Radar Online has supposedly spoken with Lisa’s friends who confirmed the news and expressed concern that appearing on Housewives could negatively affect Lisa’s marriage and family (much more kissing on WWHL and I might tend to agree!) Lisa’s also been spotted at Kyle Richard’s annual white party and had fellow RHOBH cast members (and a camera crew) on hand to help her celebrate her 51st birthday recently.

Not only is this story is all over entertainment news as hard fact, but we already know Lisa Rinna is not one to shy away from reality TV. The former soap star has competed on Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice, as well as the all-star version. She also filmed one season of her own reality show with her hubby, Harry Hamlin, Harry Loves Lisa, and competed on the second season of Dancing With The Stars. So, imagining her becoming a Housewife doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. Lisa also seems to be singing a slightly different tune now when directly asked about the situation. She told Too Fab“Never say never. I’ve had a fun time doing reality.” 

At this point neither Bravo or Lisa have officially confirmed the cast for Beverly Hills Season 5 but I’ve got my money on new Housewife Lisa Rinna!

We’ve also got a pretty good idea about which ladies will be rounding out the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast for Season 5. It’s old news at this point that Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud got the ax after last season. It sounds like all the rest of the ladies will be back. So (yay!) that means another season of Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Brandi Glanville, Yolanda Foster, and Kim Richards!


We’ve even got the lowdown on how much each of the ladies is supposedly raking in for appearing on the show’s fifth season. A production insider revealed to Radar Online that Lisa VanderpumpKyle Richards, and Yolanda Hadid are each earning the most at $500,000. Kim Richards and newcomer Lisa Rinna will be making $450,000.” These salaries supposedly represent large raises for all the women–Lisa was reportedly previously topping out the cast at $250,000 per season. If these numbers can be believed it seems like Bravo is quite happy with the Season 5 cast and is likely expecting their appearances to pay off in ratings for the show. 

At this point there’s been no serious speculation about any other new full-time Housewives joining the cast. We are, however, expecting to see Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, and Taylor Armstrong all making guest appearances! Sources are even saying that Adrienne and Brandi filmed a reconciliation scene and were even spotted hugging! “At the end of the day, neither one of them wanted to keep fighting,” a source told E! News. 

Not to worry, though…you can bet this group will still be bringing plenty of drama! It seems like each week I see a new article about Brandi and Lisa’s continued issues. (That’s Lisa Vanderpump, by the way…two Lisa’s now, yikes!) Not to be outdone, Lisa Rinna apparently has her own issues with Brandi. During an appearance on WWHL Lisa told Andy that she’d “probably get into it” with Brandi if she did join the cast saying “she’s the one that when I watch (RHOBH), little hairs on my neck go up.”

lisa rinna rhobh

No word yet about whether those little hairs have been prickling during her in-person encounters with Brandi this season but drama on any Housewives series is always a safe bet!

So, what are your thoughts on RHOBH Season 5? Will you be excited if Lisa Rinna is the new Housewife?


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  • Chris

    When is the new season starting!!!! Tired of waiting!!!!!

  • YES can someone PLEASEEE say when season five is starting ???

  • Guest

    Can’t wait…miss Brandi’s comments LoL

  • Can’t wait…I miss Brandi’s comments! LoL

  • Marina

    When is the new season starting????!!! Love Lisa (a high-class woman) and haaaate cheap jealous Brandi! Tired waiting!

  • Masha

    Yes, when season five is starting? Kan`t waiting….Love Lisa !!! And Yolanda is really stupid but complains about the disease. He-he…But Lisa is the STAR!!!!!!

  • saidgrl

    Blech. Can’t deal with her.

  • Eguth3

    Not a big fan of Lisa Rinna. I guess I can get past those humongous lips, that looks like she could suck a tailpipe.

    • promise

      she got a lip reduction her lips look normal now

  • maddy

    Like honestly! All this talk about season 5 and no one has a tentative start date yet?! When is it airing???? Someone, any one.

  • Theresa Ann Evans

    I am going to be super pissed if I miss the beginning of the new season.

  • Stan Heck

    IF there is another “Real Housewives” airing now then the I bet the “Beverly Hills” edition will start airing once the other show ends! I am sure it will start up no later then January!

  • Davissonravian

    Amazing Site thumbs up

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  • promise

    lisa rinna would look so much better with an updated hair style…tired of this look

  • Annette Brito

    Ummmmm….when is the Season Premiere folks?!

  • TIffany Oakes

    Please when does the season 5 begin

  • kay

    I think it premieres in January.

  • Patricia Rush

    No Lisa Rinna! It shouldn’t be actresses in this show. Its supposed to be people that are not known and represent the population of Beverly Hills. It already seems staged so bringing in actresses now just takes it to a different fake level. I probably won’t be as into this season knowing this.

  • It says ….Premiere on Tuesday November 18 th Not january 🙂