RHOBH Season 4 Spoilers!

Well, since filming just wrapped, I suppose it’s time to wrap up what we know so far about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4! We’re expecting some casting changes this season and, of course, all the usual drama! So, here’s a few things we’ve heard so far about the season to come:

Casting changes. Taylor Armstrong has been demoted to “friend of housewives”. Obviously Adrienne Maloof will not be returning after her refusal to show up to RHOBnewwives RHOBH Season 4 Spoilers! last season’s finale (Andy Cohen had plenty to say about that, if you recall!) Camille Grammer is also reportedly out (but she quit once before too so maybe she’ll be back?) As far as the newbies go, beauty queen Joyce Giraud will be joining the cast. Apparently, she’s wasted no time in picking sides among the existing ladies. A source close to the women told E! “Joyce is definitely Team Kyle. But, she gets on the nerves of nearly everyone else. She’s very ‘me, me, me.’ She makes every situation about her. It’s insensitive and exhausting.”  90s TV actress Carlton Gebbia has also confirmed that she’ll be joining the cast (although we can’t tell yet if she’s a full-time Housewife or will play a supporting role) and that she plans to bring “honesty and loyalty” to the show. Hmm….

Kyle threatens to leave the show.  After all the nasty cheating rumors circulated about Mauricio Umansky being unfaithful to Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville decided to confront her about it on camera. RHOBkylegif RHOBH Season 4 Spoilers! Because, you know, the best way to help your “friend” out is to accuse her of being cheated on in front of millions of strangers. Brandi told Kyle that she had very solid evidence to support the cheating rumors. According to Radar Online, Kyle got very upset, especially at Lisa because they were once so close, and called producers to tell them she wanted out. It seems that they talked her down because she did finish out the season.

The ladies take a trip to palm springs. Things really seemed to heat up after the Kyle/Brandi/Lisa cheating intervention because Wetpaint reported that after that all went down the ladies couldn’t even stand to ride in the same limo together! For a day trip to palm springs (about a two hour ride) one limo was originally booked but then a second one was requested because of all the drama! Wetpaint’s source explained that “Kyle and Kim Richards and newcomer Joyce Giraud were in one limo. Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, Yolanda Foster and Carlton Gebbia were in the other.”  Looks like the battle lines have been drawn!

The finale trip is to Puerto Rico. This tells us that Puerto Rican beauty queen Joyce Giraud is pretty definitely a full-time case member because I’d be willing to
bet this trip was organized and planned by her. kimandbrandifountain RHOBH Season 4 Spoilers! First of all, apparently Kim and Brandi jumped in a fountain fully clothed then tweeted the photo evidence!
Also interesting about this trip is that we’re hearing some type of drama went down between Lisa and Yolanda Foster, who previously had been very close. An All About The Real Housewives reader pointed out that Lisa even stopped following Yolanda on Twitter! Oh, snap! Instagram user @nativiris wrote about the supposed confrontation: “They were arguing over something. (They are sophisticated, not loud) They were outside for a long time. Yolanda was outside most of the time and after Lisa went inside she was talking to Kim and Kyle. Joyce then went outside and called the group to go inside. Part of the group was celebrating in the restaurant. I was shocked when I saw Brandi, she is a twig.”

Here’s the photo:  

RHOBlisaandyolanda RHOBH Season 4 Spoilers!


Here’s a TMZ video of the ladies leaving LAX for Puerto Rico:

No word yet about a premiere date but we’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground and keep you posted! Have you heard anything about next season that we missed?



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