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RHOBH Richards Sisters Shakeup!

rhobh s6 richards sisters

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know two of it’s original cast members, and Bravo’s first sibling Housewives, Kim and Kyle Richards, have a third half sister. An even, possibly, more famous sister. Kathy Hilton, Paris and Nicky Hilton’s mom, is now rumored to be joining RHOBH for its sixth season. And, it seems, she’s in at the same time as Kim Richards is out. Could Kyle be out too?

Let’s break it down:

First of all, Kim. Ah, poor Kim. Sure, she was a little whacko last season. She spent the majority of her scenes angrily insisting to her concerned cast mates that she was perfectly secure in her sobriety. Unfortunately, this seems to have not been the case. In April, Kim was arrested for public intoxication, trespassing, and resisting an officer after causing a scene at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge. After that, she was reportedly back in rehab. That was until her daughter Brooke’s wedding in Mexico on May 23rd. She apparently skipped out on rehab to attend the nuptials and then disappeared for a week, during which time Bravo execs could not reach her. Apparently she did eventually make it back to rehab but word is this latest fiasco has prompted Bravo to pull the plug on Kim’s Housewives contract. An insider told Radar Online,

“When Kim went missing in action she refused to answer calls of anyone from the network for the entire time. They had to find out about her entering rehab again from a family member.”

“They decided that it was time to let her go because there was a lack of communication, and they are glad to see her go. Finally, they can no longer be held accountable for her misconduct.”

So, it looks like Kim is out. We’d heard that her sister, Kyle, deserves some credit for keeping her on the show up until now. Not sure how much truth there are in the rumors, but supposedly Kyle had in the past threatened to leave if Kim did not get her contract renewed. Now, however, we know the sisters are not in a great place and maybe Kyle ultimately decided that it would actually be better for Kim to be out of the public eye, or at least off of reality TV for a while. Also, we’ve even been hearing rumors that Kyle is out for Season 6, too. I wouldn’t get too worked up about that one, though; Kyle recently reassured fans on Twitter:

So, it looks like Kyle is at least planning on returning at this point! I can’t imagine why Bravo would want to let her go considering she’s patched things up with Lisa Vanderpump and is also close with Lisa Rinna. Andy is always saying how Housewives works best with women who have real friendships and real-life connections and if they really are bringing Kathy Hilton on board, it sure seems like it make sense to keep Kyle. (And hey, we’re big fans around here so we vote keep her!!)

What do you think of the Richards Sisters shakeup for Season 6? Will RHOBH be better or worse? Will you miss Kim? Think Kathy is really joining the cast?

We’ll be sure to keep you posted if we find out anything new on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6!

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  • Lily Baldwin

    I like Kyle. Glad to see that mess of a sister go.

  • Steele

    cannot stand Kyle Richards. its that hideous whiney voice. and she is wayyyy to obvious when she is stirring the pot. cut to Kyle,,, now Brandi, (for the 3rd time) (and I love we are at a lovely dinner where everyone is having a wonderful time so that’s my cue to be a twit) what exactly went on between you and Adrianne? wahhaahhaa. don don don…it is no wonder why she did not have any success at acting because she is laughable and obnoxious and thinks extremely far to much of herself. I crack up everytime she says….”I was taken ABACK” . what an idiot.

  • Angie Carver Mundt

    i felt some of Kyle’s questions where to def stir the pot. enjoyed how quickly it worked. i feel producers need to influence the drama on every reality show. i like Kyle & Kim wasn’t so bad. abusing your body also affects your brain cells but you can tell that aside from her ME, ME, ME attitude she is basically a good person. not so much with Brandi. she strikes me as being narcissistic, without common sense & changes personality like she changes her shoes. looking forward to the next season’s dramatic moments. i spent the summer watching 1-5 & catching Vanderpump Rules, as well. hurry & fill up my cold Alaskan winter, ladies!