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RHOA Super Trailer Is Here!!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 super trailer is here and let’s just say I hope the Atlanta Police Department and Emergency line were on speed dial during filming! There’s no way this season is going to disappoint in the drama department if there’s this much scandalous material packed into a 2:45 minute promo! Scroll down to see the full-length trailer. Here’s the breakdown:

Newly single Porsha Stewart is trying to move on but her soon-to-be-ex, Kordell Stewart makes a surprise cameo and doesn’t seem to be really letting go. “She’s still my wife,” he told Peter Thomas. “I better know where [she’s] at. It’s going to be a problem.” Somehow Porsha ends up in the hospital due to all the stress of the situation.

Phaedra is in full-on mommy mode while Apollo is getting some pretty enticing offers from other women. Is that Kenya they’re talking about propositioning him??

Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey are arguing over finances…again. Meh.

Kenya Moore is still cray cray but at least now she’s owning it! “Crazy is very dangerous,” she warns. “I’m crazy in a good way.” Ms. Gone With The Wind Fabulous is seen spinning in a wedding dress shouting her infamous, “and twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl,” line. Ya, “in a good way”…keep telling yourself that Kenya.

For the annual cast trip, the women visit a haunted mansion in Savannah and succeed in scaring the crap out of each other.

Kandi’s fiance Todd Tucker cheating? Kandi’s mom sure seems to think he is and isn’t shy about telling everyone involved how she feels.

NeNe appears to be settling back in to life as a true housewife. With The New Normal cancelled and Glee delayed, she’s forced to spend her time meandering around the grocery store looking for bargains. But don’t count her out for the drama! She has a major fight with Porsha who she accuses of being a bad friend.

And finally…there’s a giant brawl. NeNe throws a co-ed, adult pajama party (insert swingers joke here), and somehow Apollo Nida, Peter Thomas, Kenya Moore’s Assistant, Kandi, Kenya and NeNe get into what’s being called the show’s biggest fight ever. Who forgot the pillows?

Season 6 is gonna be INTENSE but don’t take my word for it! Check out the full-length trailer below. RHOA Season 6 premieres Sunday November 3 @ 8pm!


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