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RHOA Season 7 Premiere Date Revealed?!

phaedra reveals rhoa s7 premeire date

Phaedra Parks has had her share of press attention lately and it seems she’s given us something new to talk about! With her husband Apollo facing an 8 year prison sentence and talk of the subsequent collapse of their marriage, Phaedra hasn’t had a whole lot to say via social media this summer. That was, until this past weekend, anyways! In response to a tweet from a concerned fan who asked how her young sons were doing and if she knew when RHOA would be returning, Phaedra tweeted back:

“they are good thank you so much for asking we will be back first Sunday in November!”

Assuming she is correct (and Bravo doesn’t make a change now due to the slip), that would mean The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 will premiere Sunday, November 2, 2014! 

To further corroborate Phaedra’s announcement, The Real Housewives of Atlanta has premiered the first Sunday in November for the past 3 seasons, so this sure seems like a probable premiere date for Season 7. However, it’s also possible that Phaedra doesn’t actually know the premiere date and is just assuming the first Sunday in November because that’s when it’s been for the last three years. Personally, I choose to believe she does know that actual date and that we can look forward to that first Sunday in November with excitement!!

This reminds me: it’s about time to catch up with all the ladies this off season and bring you up to date on what they’ve been up to, who will be back, and who the rumored newbies are for the Season 7 cast. Stay tuned…I’ll get you all that info ASAP! 8/27 UPDATE: here’s everything we know about RHOA Season 7!

Meanwhile, thanks to Phaedra for the big reveal! At this point we can only speculate about whether her announcement is accurate but I, for one, will be marking my calendar! (And the Bravo series schedule page, too!)

pheadra reveals s7 premiere rhoa

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