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#RHOA Insider Leaks Uncensored Details On Crazy Matt Jordan & Peter Thoman Brawl!

As we reported, there was an insane brawl between Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas, which ended with Jordan choking Thomas.

There’s also been reports that there’s going to be a video leaked, and even Thomas himself has confirmed that he’s going to leak the video, so it’s happening.

That’s all fine and dandy, but it’s going to take a little bit before that video comes out, which is reportedly going to be massively doctored, anyways.

Lucky for us, an insider at the radio station has released some details on what went down, and they’re not holding back!

Jessica from Radio One invited Matt and Peter to do an on-air radio interview at the station in Charlotte, North Carolina.

An insider says that Matt just wanted to talk about the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and how things were going with his former #RHOA girlfriend, Kenya Moore.

He also wanted to make peace with the whole situation regarding Thomas and Todd Tucker:

Matt’s intentions going into the interview was to squash the beef with Peter and talk about not getting invited to the RHOA Reunion and Kenya. The last thing he had in mind was arguing with Peter.

As soon as Matt’s add hit the seat, the whole Instagram video he made was brought up, about how Peter and Todd told him how he could get some cash out of Kenya for being on the show.

Matt described that he was just telling his truth and it was never his intention to throw Peter and Todd under the bus. Matt apologized to Peter and acknowledge how his actions may have caused hurt feeling but that was not his intentions.

Even though Matt had apologized, Peter wasn’t having any of it and told Matt that he’d been played:

You’re a sucka — you didn’t get paid by Kenya. Kenya has played men before. You got played and got nothing!

And that’s the moment when things started going South.

Matt became standoffish because everything he said was twisted and manipulated. The interviewers appeared to be Team Peter — since he’s the hometown favorite.

Matt and Peter started arguing back and forth. The argument grew hostile then they both stood up. Matt stepped towards Peter, who had his hands in his pockets. I heard a click sound and Peter pulled out a knife.

Matt’s eyes opened wide when he saw the knife and they started to wrestle.

Matt had both hands on the knife trying to pry it from Peter’s hands. Then Peter wrapped his arm around Matt’s head. Matt broke free and slipped behind Peter — tackling him to the ground.

At that point, Matt went into self-defense mode — he punched and stomped Peter.

At first no one stepped in when Peter pulled out the knife. Instead, people actually stepped back.

However, once Matt had Peter on the ground, a radio station employee grabbed him by the waist, pulling him off.

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