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RHOA Drink Wine & Spill Tea, Season 6 Episode 12 Recap

The South kept it hot tonight on the new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

So far this season we have seen divorce, loss of jobs, new dreams, and a lot about Phaedra’s boobs! Life has been hectic for all our favorite Atlanta ladies. The fall out of Porsha’s marriage to NFL star Kordell Stewart has been heart breaking but has also been inspirational to other women going through divorce. Porsha’s storyline for Season 6 has centered around how she is dealing with court hearings while picking up the pieces and moving on with her life as an independent, strong woman. Kenya Moore was forced to move a couple episodes back after being booted from her home by a crazy landlord (or maybe she was just a crazy tenant?). And, she may already be contemplating another big move (keep reading!) NeNe is up to her usual quick-witted antics and she’s got a little more time on her hands to keep the other women in line after getting word of her scripted series, The New Normal‘s cancellation. Kandi has been busy trying to put together a musical stage production while dealing with Mama Joyce’s meddling strong opinions about her fiance, Todd. Cynthia and Peter have had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship and this season has been no exception. She’s also been dealing with health issues, undergoing surgery for fibroids. And, of course, Phaedra is a new mommy, again! To me, it seems that Phaedra may be struggling to keep up with this season’s busy filming schedule. “Mr. President'” has been keeping her (and her boobs) quite busy and she’s also still practicing law while studying for her mortician’s license…and I’m not sure Apollo has been making things any easier. All the ladies have been keeping us on our toes so far this season but, now that we’re caught up, let’s get back to the episode at hand.

Tonight, the very outspoken women of Georgia did not disappoint! It was lovely seeing Cynthia and Peter celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary in a beautiful way. Peter planned a romantic dinner where they were serenaded by R&B artist Christopher Williams. I have been pulling for their marriage since we all watched the drama unfold surrounding their wedding three years ago. Along with the anniversary we met Cynthia’s old friend Natalie (Christopher Williams’ wife…more on that later) who spilled the beans on knowing Kandi’s fiancé Todd. Natalie explained that he had previously dated one of her very good friends and described Todd as a cheater and someone that could always find a way to better himself, basically calling him an opportunist. At first, I didn’t put much thought into her claims because Cynthia is so anti-drama and has said many times that she likes Todd and if Kandi is happy that’s all that matters. I figured that would be the end of that. Boy was I wrong!

Later in the episode all of the ladies met up at a winery. On the bus to the winery, uncharacteristically, Cynthia spilled the news of Natalie’s feelings on Todd. Her first mistake was doing it in front of the biggest drama starter of the group: Kenya. Her second mistake was telling all the women without Kandi being there. We all know Kenya cannot keep a secret. At this point, I knew the “gossip” would come out at some point during the winery visit. All of the ladies arrived and seemed to be having a wonderful time at this beautiful vineyard.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6

As it turned out, Kenya was just waiting for the perfect moment start up her first batch of toxic drama. Kenya proceeded to tell the group that she heard new girl Natalie (the same Natalie who shared her opinions about Todd with Cynthia) was not actually “married” to her husband! (She said in an interview that he’d described Natalie as basically a groupie…ouch).  In the two seasons we have known Kenya she has done nothing but start drama and, at this point, it’s starting to feel like she does it just for the screen-time.

The little feud somewhat died down until all the women sat down for lunch. Then, in true Kenya fashion, she brought up the juicy tidbit she learned from Cynthia about what Natalie had to say about Todd. Check out the devious face she’s making watching the drama she just brought up unfold:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6

As a RHOA fan since Season 1, Kandi is not someone I would want to mess with and, as NeNe joked, I definitely would never want to bring up her mom, her daughter, or her man. Fortunately, for our viewing pleasure, Kenya didn’t get that memo. But, for once, Kenya’s pot-stirring didn’t really work because Kandi was not concerned about the drama whatsoever. She stated it happened over a decade ago and it is in the past. She went so far as to take it as a compliment and explained that since there’s no one more successful or hotter than herself she isn’t worried about losing him! Hah! Good for her! I feel like we haven’t seen enough of Todd to be able to pass a judgment on all the various opinions that have been thrown around about him.

Earlier in the episode, we saw another side of the former (and I mean former, let’s not forget it was 1993) Miss USA, Kenya. But, word to the wise, if you ever run into her do not forget her title. Kenya hosted a family dinner to share her plans to have a baby. She’s still “not sure who with” but was going to schedule an appointment to find out what the next step will be. All season, we’ve heard little remarks of her “African prince” who supposedly is also an oil tycoon. As NeNe so hilariously pointed out, we have yet to see any proof of the mystery man other than the brand new Bentley he “gave” her. The big irony for this episode is that Kenya gets involved with all the ladies marriages but has never been married herself. I hope for her future child’s sake  that she grows and becomes a wonderful mature mother.  You know we’ll be watching for the rest of this season and future seasons, unless she gets fired or gets the infamous demotion to “friend of the housewives”…fingers crossed?

kenya moore gif

Next week, all of the drama Kenya started comes to a head. The preview shows a few clips of the huge couples pajama party fight we’ve been anticipating since the epic supertrailer was released back in October. It looks like the truth (aka a lot of he-said-she-said) will come out, and I, for one, can’t wait to watch it all go down! Stayed tuned, Bravoholics, things in the ATL do not seem to be quieting down anytime soon!

Thanks to the newest addition to the BravoWatch writing team, Danielle Baxter, for this great recap! Danielle lives in a small town in Indiana and is, of course, a huge Bravo fan. Her favorite shows are ALL the Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, Million Dollar Listing, Millionar Matchmaker, Whatch What Happens Live, and anything with Kim Zolciak. 

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