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RHOA Drama Roundup: Season 6 Heats Up

rhoa pj party 2

If you caught last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta you know things got a whole new kind of crazy. Each Housewives city and season has brought plenty of drama, ranging from throwing shade to throwing drinks. We’ve even seen punches thrown before (but we can pretty much chalk up what’s happened between Juicy Joe & Joe Gorga to alcohol induced ‘roid rage). Well, last night, for the first time in Atlanta Housewives history, cast members got physically violent with each other. We’ve been hearing about this fight since it happened during filming but I have to say I was still shocked at just how out of control things got and how quickly the conflict escalated.

Let me begin by asking: who thought it would be a good idea to get everyone and their men together in one room, wearing pajamas, with the express intent of bringing up and hashing out all the issues within the group? It was NeNe’s party so I can only assume this was her big idea. I’ll take a moment here to bring any newcomers up to speed on the primary RHOA Season 6 conflicts so far which played a role in what went down at the pajama party.

1) Kandi’s man Todd was accused of being an opportunist by Cynthia’s friend Natalie. Cynthia shared this info with the group behind Kandi’s back. Kandi has already been hearing this type of accusation from Mama Joyce so they’re a little bit extra sensitive about it.

2) Kenya told Natalie that her man, Christopher Williams, told her (years ago, mind you) that Natalie was not actually his wife. Are they actually married? Do they have a “common law” marraige? Is she just his longest-term groupie? This is apparently a very sensitive subject for Christopher and Natalie but I’m still not sure we have a firm answer.

3) Cynthia and Peter have been dealing with some marital issues. Kandi mentioned something to the group, including Cynthia, that she wouldn’t bring up what Peter did “in the past” in response to the Todd social-climber accusations. Cynthia told Peter and both took this as an insult.

4) Nobody likes Kenya. This one goes back to last season but basically she just rubs most people the wrong way most of the time. From inappropriate texting with Phaedra’s husband, Apollo to yelling at all the women on the bus to Savannah for being late to then showing up late herself to this pajama party, Kenya is not popular within this group.

So, now that we have some background, let’s pick up with last night’s episode. Back at the pajama party, everyone was already on edge about the whole stripper conversation and then NeNe decided it was the perfect time to ask Kenya about what she said regarding Christopher and Natalie. Christopher tells Kenya he doesn’t know what medication she is on and we’re off to the races. As soon as Kenya stood up, Christopher grabbed her arm and Kenya’s friend/assistant/self-appointed bodyguard Brandon got in his face.

rhoa pj party

I feel like things could have been broken up from there if it weren’t for one crazed Apollo Nida, who I can only assume was just itching for a fight. Cynthia said on WWHL last night that she and Peter assumed Apollo was coming to help break up the fight but clearly that was not the case. Out of nowhere he’s on top of Brandon throwing punches.

rhoa pj party 3

WTF??!! A lot more  yelling ensues, NeNe blames Kenya and then comes To Be Continued… Eeesh!!

It looks like there’s a lot more to come next time, too. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a full 2 weeks to catch up with these Atlanta hot heads since RHOA is off next week for the Super Bowl (I’m a Seattle girl so I gotta get this in…GO SEAHAWKS!!)

Here’s a look at the next episode when we’ll see the rest of the pillow fight, get the ladies’ reactions, and hear Apollo’s side of the story:

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