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#RHOA – Arrest Warrant Issued For Porsha Williams

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, is currently being hit with another arrest warrant.

So, what did Porsha do?

Well, she’s wanted for assaulting her ex-friend, Jami Ziegler.

Apparently, while filming was under way for the season 8 reunion show, Porsha and Jami began arguing with each other, and things began to get very ugly.

Things got so ugly that Porsha and Jami got into an altercation in an alleyway, which was also caught on camera.

In case you didn’t catch it, you can see the footage of the alleyway smackdown on the 3rd episode of the reunion show.

Now, we’re being told that Jami has filed a warrant application in Fulton County, Georgia, against her former friend, Porsha.

Basically an arrest warrant is the complete opposite of how normal arrests are carried out.

Instead of being arrested on the spot, and then going to a judge later on to plead your case, which is how things normally go, you’re served with an arrest warrant, and you go to court to plead your case. From that point, the judge will determine whether or not you should be arrested.

Sources are saying that there’s plenty of evidence to support Jami’s case, and that Porsha will be served on July 22nd, unless Porsha can “settle,” the case with Jami beforehand.

Sounds like Porsha better start calling up her old friend and working on some way to reconcile the situation, or else she’s going to be in some serious trouble.


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