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#RHOA – Apollo Nida Caught With A Cell Phone In Prison

Apollo Nida, 37, is the estranged husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks. In other words, Apollo Nida was walking around in prison with a cell phone up his butt.

Let that one simmer in your mind for a bit…

According to the Prison Officials, Apollo Nida was using the cell phone to call up his family members and friends while behind bars at the Fort Dix Correctional Institute.

When you use a cell phone in prison, you’re going to be in some serious trouble if you get busted. This is due to the fact that inmates typically use cell phones to call and threaten people, make escape plans, and of course run illegal businesses while incarcerated.

That being said, Apollo certainly isn’t going to get off easy with this one. The prison staff decided to take Apollo out of general population and move him over to maximum security.

Phaedra visited Apollo a few weeks back, but there’s no reason to suspect that she was the person who smuggled in the cell phone for Apollo to use.

In case you forgot, Apollo began serving his prison sentence back in August of 2014. He’s serving 8 years for conspiracy to commit mail, wire and bank fraud. However, Nida hasn’t been doing great in prison, and according to staff, he’s found it hard to adjust to prison life. Apparently, he still thinks he’s a “reality tv star,” and wanted special treatment.

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  • Laura Champlain

    No way would Phaedra help that loser out,hope they keep him in there indefinitely!