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Real Housewives of Toronto Star: I Got Fired Because I Was Pregnant

Ariane Bellamar is one of The Real Housewives of Toronto stars, and she was extremely excited to have her pregnancy story featured on the show.

As a matter of fact, a lot of her storyline for the first season was going to center around her child birth.

Unfortunately, she was told that her c-section date was going to be moved forward by a week, and that didn’t fly with the producers of the show, because this would create a scheduling conflict.

Bellamar’s c-section was scheduled to take place during the cast’s trip for the season, and we know how important those cast vacations are.

Ariane says that when she told producers about the situation, she received a letter stating that she was fired that very same tay.

Ariane Bellamar baby bump picture

As you can imagine, Ariane isn’t happy about the whole situation, and she says that she’s going to take legal action against production.

She also goes on to say that producers have pressured her into doing things on the show that she’s not comfortable with, and that’s also not okay.

She believes that she was pregnant, and you can’t necessarily schedule your child birth around a reality television shooting schedule — they’re babies, after all.

Check out the video from TMZ below, and see what you think about the whole situation:

So, what do you say, Bravo fans? We’re interested to hear your thoughts on this one…

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