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Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 Updates

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With RHOA and RHOBH currently airing and all the buzz around RHONJ given what’s going on with Teresa right now, it could be easy to forget that we’ve got a major Housewives milestone coming up. The OG Housewives are turning 10! Botox notwithstanding, we’re talking about the upcoming season of RHOC, which will be Season 10! Can you believe it’s been a full 10 years since the magic happened that was The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 1? That’s a lot of Vicki Gunvalson! I have to assume Bravo will be hyping RHOC Season 10 like crazy so I figure we better get a jump on the what’s in store for our favorite OC ladies!

The big question between Housewives seasons is always: WHO IS RETURNING? Well, for The Real Housewives of Orange County this year, word is that ALL the ladies from last season will be back! Good news if you were a fan of last season’s newbies Lizzie and Shannon! Also good news for fans of Tamra Judge, who was rumored to be on the chopping block after all the negativity of last season. She has, however, confirmed her Season 10 return.

There was also some off-season drama involving OC OG Vicki Gunvalson after she claimed that producers threatened to reduce her role if she did not continue to film with on-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers. And guess what? Andy Cohen admits it! “That’s true! We did!” Andy revealed. “You know why? She’s on a reality show about her life! And he was in her life! So we said, ‘You have to show what’s happening in your life! If you’re dating this guy, you can’t keep it hidden from everybody.'”

vicki and brooks cancer

And, however you may feel about him, poor Brooks is currently battling Stage 3 cancer so all we want to say about him right now is to wish him the best. He shared in an interview with US last fall that he and Vicki are still together and going strong:

“[Cancer] either will tear you apart as a couple or bring you together. And with us, without a doubt, it’s brought us together,” Ayers explained. “So, yes, we are exclusive, we are dating, we are together,” Gunvalson confirmed. “It’s official.”

So, we’ll be expecting more of the Vicki and Brooks storyline this year.

One more interesting tidbit about off season Vicki: did you see her *accidental* topless selfie? Here’s the safe for work version:

vicki RHOC topless selfie

Supposedly, Vicki was just trying to post a pic of her new Beats by Dre headphones–a gift from Andy Cohen–and didn’t realize her just-out-of-the-shower self was reflected on the package. To add an extra hilarious layer to this story, I can’t help but wonder if the headphones that started it all were a re-gift from Andy who mentioned in his recent book, The Andy Cohen Diaries, that he had received many pairs of Beats headphones in swag bags this year. (You should really read this book if you haven’t yet, by the way!)

Anyways, back to the OC! You’re probably also wondering what’s up with the relationships between the ladies right now? When we left off it was basically Tamra vs. everyone except Heather and it looks like that may be where we’re picking back up again, too. Vicki told US in December that she and Shannon have grown very close and she also talks to Heather but that she hasn’t even spoken with Tamra since last season. I give those two maybe 4 episodes in to Season 10, though, before they’re woohooing it up over shots of tequila, as per they’re usual routine. And, maybe Tamra will finally cut Vicki a break about Brooks now that he is sick?

Tamra said that she has made amends with Shannon but not with Lizzie. She apparently felt that the ladies should have been more understanding last season about all her craziness given the issues she’s been going through with her ex husband over her kids. When asked about her plan for season ten, Tamra said, “I just want to be me. I’m 100% honest and I’m loyal and I’m truthful in everything I say. If you ask me what do you think about so and so and I said I don’t think he’s a great guy … you know what, if you don’t want to hear the truth, then maybe we shouldn’t be friends.” Ok, so maybe no slack for sick Brooks afterall…

How about newbies for Season 10? According to Rumor Fix, there will be a new Housewife and a new friend. They say producers are looking to add an athlete’s wife, specifically a pro baseball player. Rumor Fix also posted claims from former OC Housewife Peggy Tanous that producers asked her to return for Season 10, but she turned them down. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bravo bring back a former Housewife for this new season. It seems like the perfect addition to all the 10th season hype to have a familiar face reintroduced. It also seems like kind of a franchise theme this year with Dina returning to RHONJ and Bethenny returning for next season of RHONY. But who could return from RHOC past? We’ll definitely be keeping eyes and ears open for any indications of this possibility!

rhoc reunion toast season 10

As for when to expect to see The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 premiere, I’d expect another April start date as we’ve seen for the last two seasons. We’ll be sure to keep you posted when we hear anything specific.

Are you excited for RHOC Season 10? What about the cast returning?


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