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Real Housewives of OC Season 9 Updates & New Cast Info!

After 8 dramatic seasons, the original Housewives franchise is getting a reboot. And, even during the off-season, The Real Housewives of Orange County have been keeping us  on our toes. Here’s what’s gone down since Season 8 ended:

Tamra & Eddie got hitched. The happy couple tied the knot on June 15 and, luckily for us Bravo Watchers, we were invited!  Tamra’s OC Wedding was a quick 3-episode special series but it was great to be able to see all the details of Tamra and Eddie’s big day. (We even brought you some insider info from Tamra’s Man of Honor, Ricky Santana!) Mazel, you two!

Tamra's Wedding Special - Season 2013

Gretchen & Alexis were fired. This news came out back in September. Clearly Bravo was looking to shake up the cast which means some of the ladies had to go in order to make room for fresh faces.

gretchen crying

Lydia McLaughlin quit. To me, it came as a total surprise when Lydia revealed in early November that she had decided to leave the show. Lydia said she never planned to make a career out of being a Housewife but that leaving was bittersweet.

lydia leaving

Heather, Vicki and Tamra took a trip to Hawaii. Heather was filming a guest role on Hawaii Five-O so Tamra and Vicki headed to the aloha state in early November to pay her a visit. The trip was further proof that these three were the last of the Season 8 cast still slated to return. We’ll be seeing more of the trip on Season 9 but here’s a snapshot:

vicki heather and tamra in hawaii

Tamra Revealed “New Housewife” Shannon Beador. After posting pictures with Shannon and ‘outing’ her as the new housewife via social media in early December, the Bravo blogosphere lit up with talk of the new addition. Shannon is 49, lives in Newport Beach and has three children with her husband David. And then there were four:


Speculation about Heather McDonald joining the cast. The Chelsea Lately comedienne started popping up in the aforementioned photos that Tamra posted with Shannon as well as some additional photos with Vicki and Heather Dubrow. We already knew she was friends with Tamra and Heather but it sure seems like she’s hanging around a lot during filming. Heather Dubrow chimed in saying “I love Heather! She’s hilarious. I wish she lived in the OC.”  Hmm…that doesn’t sound promising and apparently other “sources” are saying she’s not joining the cast, too. But, we’ll still be keeping tabs on this rumor for you!

Watch What Happens Live - Season 6

Elizabeth Rovsek, the newest newbie confirmed. In late December, Us Weekly reported on two new additions to the Real Housewives of Orange County cast. We already knew about Shannon Beador (see above) but the second newbie is reportedly Elizabeth (Lizzie) Rovsek. Lizzie is in her early thirties, is married to real estate executive Christian Rovsek, has two young sons, is a former Miss Kentucky USA 2002, and runs a swimwear business: Sun Kitten Swimwear by Lizzie. Her networth is reportedly $25 million. Oh, and she’s over-the-top gorgeous:

elizabeth rovsek 3 elizabeth rovsek 2

elizabeth rovsek

There you have it, folks! That’s everything we know about The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9. Bravo, of course, is yet to even confirm that Season 9 is happening or any of the above casting speculation, but that’s the norm. We likely won’t have official confirmation until Bravo Upfronts or the first official trailer, whichever comes first. As far as a likely start date goes, I’m guessing we’re on track for Spring 2014, similar to last year’s April 1 premiere. And, of course, you’ll be the first to know when we do!

What are your thoughts on RHOC Season 9?

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  • 77xtina77

    Not happy that Gretchen is gone. I don’t kno If I will watch it anymore. Such a bummer. Bad move Bravo, bad move!!

    • Judy Blevins Roark

      I totally agree!!!!!!!!we want Gretchen back

  • Farewell

    I wondered how Gretchen was taking being fired, but the person I’m more worried for is Slade! Slade’s practically the first real housewife!. What’s he going to do now? There’s no single women he can date (plus he’s engaged, not that that means too much to him, as long as he’s on TV), What’s poor Slade going to do? (And yes, I’m being sarcastic, I find it hard to have sympathy or respect for a man who has been so disgusting and cruel to women. His put downs and cruel jokes he’s made on his, “now gone radio show” and his stand up “comedy act”, was horrible, and not funny at all.. I honestly think Slade and Gretchen thought by getting engaged in such an extravagant way, that Bravo would give them a whole series about their wedding, like Betheny or Kim.. I hope Bravo does NOT give them their own series for their wedding, but I guess it depends on how many ppl would tune in for the circus. Last season I had my fill of both Gretchen and Slade. What finally did it for me regarding Gretchen is when she went with Tamra and the girls to go wedding dress shopping for Tamra. What kind of friend is so desperate to be the center of attention that she would show up wearing a HUGE diamond engagement ring, her old engagement ring (from her ex fiance who passed away), to go wedding dress shopping with her friend??? She knew exactly what she was doing, she knew it would take the attention away from Tamra and put it on her, even if it were for a moment, she knew the camera would be on HER, and she would have the attention once again.. It was Tamra’s day, not hers.. Gretchen and Slade, always needing attention, even on Heather’s special day when she invited the group to her filming, Gretchen and Slade couldn’t even stand that, Slade with the fake gift of a car, being late for the filming, disrespecting Heather while it was her time to be in the scene, they knew the Bravo cameras would be filming them along with Heather, if they were late then left their seats to mess with their phones, instead of watching Heather. But it just shows them to be desperate attention hounds. I hope in the future they can dig deep down and be content with themselves without having to try to steal other peoples thunder. Because that’s how I saw Slade and Gretchen the whole last season, always wanting it to be about them. The only reason I’m sad to see them go is I hoped to see a change in them.. I really tried to like Slade in the past, but since his first season on the OC with Jo, he struck me as a user, who was arrogant and would climb that ladder using anyone, There was a time I liked Gretchen, but whether Slade rubbed off on her or if she was always like this, I just got tired of her always needing to be the center of attention. On another note….LOVE LOVE LOVE Lydia, will be so sad to see her go. She was funny, quirky, interesting, with a huge heart, and loved her mom..Please Bravo, beg her to come back! I also LOVE Heather Dubrow, sooooo glad she is staying. Great to see a housewife who’s fun to watch, smart, sassy, sexy, great style, confident and talented. Heather and Lydia were my favorites this last season. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: just saw where Gretchen and Slade will be appearing on a show called “Marriage Bootcamp”??? I had a feeling they would find some show. Remember the dating show Slade had finding someone for Jo to date?.

  • Amy

    I don’t like this at all, RHOC has been the only Real housewives I’ve always stuck to watching, it’s been my favourite. Now I doubt I’ll watch it or even like it! BRING BACK GRETCHEN. It will never be the same ever again, fair enough adding a newbie like Heather that was fine, but getting rid of cast members and replacing them with nobodies??? The culture of the show has changed, it was always better than the other housewives shows, the original. BRING BACK GRETCHEN!!!!

    • GR6

      I know Bravo has to have story lines that keep interest, but I believe in keeping ladies too. I truly thought Tamera would get the AX. Those fake tears and acting are sick enough, but she is just plain ‘Nasty’. She should just go to Porn.
      Any one that has private parts waxed and allows it to be taped is discusting!
      Bravo goes to far to get viewers.

  • BevManecke

    I miss Alexis! this season I can not get into! T we will c if she returns.this season was mean like season 7

  • Madeleine Maria Moberg

    Thank you for showing us your lifes