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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Updates

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Our favorite ladies from the 90210 have been off the air for a few months now but talk about what’s going on in the off-season and plans for RHOBH Season 5 hasn’t quieted down at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. Over the last couple weeks we’ve seen stories come out about which feuds are still ongoing, who’s been fired, who’s in and who’s still on the fence for next season. And, of course, there’s been talk about possible newbies (or re-additions) to the cast. So, with filming for Season 5 right around the corner (hopefully! supposedly they usually start filming by now but have been delayed, possibly by contract negitions…se below), we figured it is about time we update you on all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills happenings of late.

Let’s start with the most obvious: Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville are still feuding.

It seems like every week one or both of these former besties have a new quote in the press about their issues. “Brandi denies and denies her behavior — and all I can do is throw my arms up and walk away. It’s not worth the pettiness,” Lisa recently told Star Magazine. “I haven’t talk [sic] to anyone,” Brandi insisted. “So, somebody can’t stop talking about it, but it’s not me!” Oh, ladies!

brandi kyle camilleEvents of last weekend, however, show that they can at least be cordial to each other. Brandi was out on the town with Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer and the trio decided to stop by Lisa’s new West Hollywood hot spot, PUMP, to show their fellow Housewife some support. “The plan was to go to The Abbey, but since PUMP is almost right next door they popped in there first to say hi,” an insider told Radar. “Make no mistake, the feud between Brandi and Lisa is still going forward full force, but neither wanted to cause a scene on Friday night so they just exchanged quick hellos.” Kyle shared a photo from the evening of the once unlikely friend trio. It looks like they had a great time!

Next up for most obvious/predicted bit of RHOBH news is that Season 4 new additions Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud have, indeed, been fired.

“Decisions were made and Joyce and Carlton have been informed that they’re not coming back,” one show insider told Us Weekly. We could see this one coming from a mile away. Neither of the women resonated all that well with fans and it became especially apparent at the reunion that they just weren’t holding their own with the other ladies. But, don’t you go losing any sleep over what these poor unemployed Housewives will make of themselves now. Apparently both women will still be working on TV. Carlton says her husband has a reality project in the works that she is excited to now be able to work with him on. Joyce is reportedly already working on another TV project but details are not currently available. 


Brandi, on the other hand, is definitely in for Season 5.

“Brandi will absolutely be back for another season,” an inside source told Radar Online. Despite being villainized for her controversial remarks during Season 4 and ongoing (see above) issues with Lisa, Brandi is sticking it out for good reason. “She needs the money. It’s not like she has another job,” the insider said. “Her books and stuff do well, but she’s got two boys and a certain lifestyle to support. She likes the money and notoriety that come along with being on the Real Housewives.”

Lisa is considering leaving RHOBH and the rest of the cast wants more money.

lisa leaving rhobhSupposedly, Lisa, unlike Brandi, is still on the fence about returning for Season 5. We saw that by the end of Season 4 she was being targeted by several of the other women for various reasons and apparently doesn’t know if she wants to sign on for another rough year.

My guess, however, is that she’ll be back. Lisa may have had it rough last season but she’s smart enough to realize that everything can (and usually does) change in the course of only one or two episodes, much less a whole season’s worth of shifting allegiances. And, she’s also smart enough to realize that her other successful show, Vanderpump Rules, benefits by her being on RHOBH. The Pump Rules cast needs her to keep her Housewife status in order for them to continue to make regular crossover appearances. So, I seriously doubt that Lisa is seriously considering leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s more likely that she’s staying on the fence to try and scare producers into a bigger contract for Season 5. Supposedly the other returning cast members are still holding out for raises for next season, perhaps Lisa is just doing a more convincing job of playing hard to get. Whatever the case, I’m just hoping the stand-off ends quickly so we don’t end up with a super long delay like what happened with last season of RHONY.

And, finally, the question everyone always wants answered: Who will be joining the RHOBH cast for Season 5?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a definitive answer on this one yet but there are some juicy rumors going around! As we previously reported, there’s been talk about Faye Resnick being asked to sign on as full-time Housewife. As Kyle Richard’s feisty friend of seasons’ past, Faye would surely add some drama to the mix without steering things totally off course (like Carlton Gebbia’s issues seemed to do). I think producers have realized that with Kyle, Brandi, Yolanda, Lisa and even Kim, they have a winning mix and they don’t need to bring someone totally new and random in to liven things up. They’d rather bring in ladies who are actually already familiar to the group rather than inventing obviously fake introductions of new women.

Along these same lines, it’s rumored that another semi-familiar face could be joining the cast. Remember Mohammed Hadid’s gorgeous fiance, Shiva Safai? Yolanda is reportedly lobbying to get her ex-hubby’s new flame a spot on the show. I haven’t heard anything about this rumor in a couple of months, though, so not sure it’s very likely for whatever reason.

This also brings up the possibility of Camille Grammer being re-introduced next season. Word is that she is not interested in signing on as a full-fledged Housewife again but that she may make some appearances. According to an All Things Real Housewives source, “Producers have approached Camille about coming back to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a part-time role. She is interested in returning in a small role, because she likes her time with the women, but she doesn’t want to expose too much of her personal life and her children aren’t allowed to film.”


Well, I think you’re all caught up now on all the important news and gossip surrounding The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5! What do you think about everything that’s been going down since we last saw the ladies? What would you like to see changed for Season 5?



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  • Teresa’s Son … Terenster…

    EW, please no Faye and why is Kyle coming back??? She is a whiner, always complaining about other people… but won’t stop to have a god look at herself.. She dresses like a $lut for a woman her age and as a mother and a wife…and a jealous biatch..

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  • john

    Just say when filming will start and I’m fine.

  • Chris

    PLEASE NO FAYE!!!! I love Kyle, but her slut friend miss Faye needs to keep it moving.!! Mabe she could beg hustler for another photo shoot. We don’t want the “I’m better than everybody” fake Faye on the show!!!!!

  • Annette Brito

    Douse Faye. Pleeeeze