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Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Updates & Cast Info

Yesterday we reported the news that Phaedra Parks had revealed the RHOA Season 7 Premiere date. According to her recent openness via Twitter, we learned that The Real Housewives of Atlanta will likely premiere on November 2, 2014! At first glance, November sounds like a really long ways off but in reality we’re talking about a date which is only a little over 2 months in the future. My how the time flies! It seems like only yesterday that we were wrapping up Season 6 and speculations about Season 7 were just a glimmer in NeNe’s mischievous eye! With our favorite Atlanta ladies return imminent, it’s about time we figure out just what exactly we can expect to see this season.

They’re all BACK!

rhoa season 6 cast return for season 7

First of all, let’s talk about WHO we can expect to see. According to all reports we’ve been following, ALL of last season’s full-time Housewives will be returning for Season 7. So, we can expect plenty of Nene, Phaedra, Cynthia, Kandi, Kenya, and Porsha. This may, however, be the last season for at least one of our favorite stars. Not to get ahead of ourselves, it’s worth noting that word is this will be NeNe’s last season as a Housewife. We may see Bravo cameras following her life outside of Atlanta more and more this season in order to transition the audience into her upcoming spinoff: I Dream of Nene. We’ve heard that despite her spinoff taking a hiatus since her wedding special last year, it will be returning as a full series and that this is NeNe’s next project for Bravo. We’ll be sure to follow that story as we learn more but, fair warning, you better enjoy NeNe on RHOA while you can this season!

But anyways, one season at a time! The ladies should be picking up where things left off last season. NeNe and Cynthia are reportedly working on mending their relationship but we’ve also heard that Cynthia has still been pretty cozy with NeNe’s arch nemesis, Kenya, so not sure how much of a reconciliation we can expect there. Kenya’s last season newbie-bestie, Marlo, is supposedly not returning this season. And, despite getting physical at the Season 6 reunion, it looks like we can expect more of Porsha (and her new girls!) for Season 7.

I guess we’ll be watching as Phaedra goes through whatever is currently happening with Apollo right now. It sounds like the pair are planning to split as a result of Apollo’s 8 year prison sentence. When asked if his marriage would survive his time in the slammer, Apollo responded “I doubt it.” Supposedly Phaedra didn’t even show up for his sentencing…ouch. And, as part of his sentence, he’s been ordered to pay $2 million in restitution over the next 20 years which Phaedra would also be responsible for should they stay married. So, it sure seems like signs point to divorce for Phaedra. She’s been pretty silent on the subject this summer so we’re wishing her all the best and also hoping to hear her side of things when RHOA premieres this fall.


In addition to all six of the Season 6 Housewives returning this year, we’re expecting to see a couple of fresh faces as well! Bravo has brought on actress/singer Demetria McKinney and model/host Claudia Jordan to join the six principal women for Season 7. We likely won’t know for sure if either of these ladies will earn full-time Housewife status until the first Season 7 promos are released, but we do know they’ve both been filming with the ladies. Word is that Claudia has been brought on as a supporter for Kenya Moore this season and that Demetria is being groomed to “replace” NeNe for future season (see above). We’ll have to watch and see how it all plays out but here’s a bit more about each of the new ladies:

Demetria McKinney, 32, is known for her role as Janine Payne on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. She has a 12 year old son and is unmarried but in a long term relationship with former Tyler Perry Studios executive Roger Bobb. According to a source close to the show, “Bravo is really high on [McKinney]. She’s likeable, works well with the other ladies and is intriguing without contrived drama. She has wealth, loves fashion and fine things, and is in a real relationship with a high-powered entertainment executive.” The source also added, “‘Bravo thinks if NeNe leaves the show after this season she could be the perfect replacement,” whose contract is up after this season.

Showtime Celebrates 8 Seasons Of Dexter - ArrivalsClaudia Jordan, 41, is a former “Price is Right” and “Deal or No Deal” model and, like her buddy Kenya, is also a former pageant girl. Also like Kenya, Claudia has previously appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice” as well as “Celebrity Apprentice” All-Stars. According to the above inside source, “Claudia desperately wants to be on this show despite that fact that she doesn’t remotely fit the Housewives’ format. She came on the show as a friend of Kenya’s but hasn’t meshed that well with the others.” The source added: “She dresses like a teenage party girl and isn’t into fine, southern living, so producers aren’t sure that viewers will really connect with her or find her likable.” Hmm…not sure who this mystery source is but they sure don’t seem to be a big fan of Claudia! 

Guess we’ll have to wait and see how each of the new ladies plays out this season. And, like I said, we probably won’t know if either of them will be a full-time Housewife until Bravo releases the first promos (hopefully soon!) For what it’s worth, Wikipedia lists Demetria as a full-time Housewife and Claudia as a Friend of the Housewives.


The ladies are taking a page from the RHOBH book and are off to Puerto Rico this season! The group is reportedly going to support Demetria, who has a concert there, and have been sharing photos which show all of the women, including Demetria and Claudia, in attendance for the girls trip. Supposedly, the group has been somewhat divided with NeNe and Kenya on opposing camps. Claudia, in support of Kenya, may have started some drama with NeNe which escalated into a big argument with Demetria backing up Claudia. If the following photos are any indication, we may be looking at a divide that pits NeNe, Porsha, Phaedra, and Kandi on one side vs. Kenya, the new girls, and Cynthia on the other.

rhoa season 7 puerto ricoclaudia-kenya-demetria-cynthia-rhoa-puerto-rico-season-7 cynthia-nene-claudia-rhoa-puerto-rico-season-7

The fact that the ladies are on their vacay now lends more support to Phaedra’s early November premiere date prediction. It’s pretty typical for the Housewives trip to take place toward the end of filming, which would give producers just about the right amount of time to edit the show for the November 2 premiere!

What are your thoughts about The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7? Are you excited that all six of last season’s ‘wives will be back? What do you think of the new girls?


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  • im very exermly proud of miss phaedra parks making decision to leave divorce her husband apollo nida.

  • ym

    I really hate to see any family break up, the kids need mom and a dad to raise them in my opinion Phaedra will do what’s best for her family. Maybe even stand by her husband. Reading that this will be Nene’s last season makes me happy. So tired of her superior attitude over everyone one the cast. Kenya has a simular attitude but at least she’s articulate and for me I can handle a little attitude if your intelligent. Nene is a big ugly mouse with a bad attitude and it’s not working for me. Nene is ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside. She has to go then who ever want to watch her can watch her on her own show just like Kim. I was really happy when Kim left the show also. I’m happy Kim has her own show so any body that want to watch her ratchetness can tune her in also!

  • ym

    Also I’m happy to see Bravo bring in some new cast members, they seem to be attractive women, let’s see what story line they can bring to the show. And please not another illiterate Nene with a bad attitude. At least let these new women bring some crazy but some class also. And not another dumb ass fool like Nene.