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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Wrap Up & Season 7 Implications

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6

Well, another season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is in the books. The record books, that is! RHOA Season 6 goes down as the highest rated Housewives season in franchise history to this point. Rounding out the hugely popular season, the reunion episodes all earned over 4 million viewers. What’s more, each episode of the unforgettable 3-part reunion posted better ratings than the last. Not only is this an unheard of feat as far as Housewives reunions go, it’s especially impressive when you consider that Bravo kicked off the reunion with the infamous Porsha-Kenya throwdown.

The unprecedented altercation, despite being regarded disapprovingly by Bravo and Andy Cohen, seems only to have heightened interest in what was already the network’s most successful series. So, what does this mean for the show, and its stars’ futures? Often times, Housewives viewers seem to be turned off by over the top drama–perceived viewer fatigue with several seasons of the same-old feuding has prompted casting overhauls in RHONJ, RHONY, and RHOC. But would Bravo really want to mess with the record-breaking formula for success they’ve established with this current RHOA cast? Sure, the network claims they want Housewives to be an aspirational experience for viewers but you can bet the bottom line goal for every franchise city is long-term ratings wins.

We’ve already received confirmation that The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be returning for Season 7 (no surprise there…see above). The question is, will Bravo replace any of the current Housewives? Will they even have a choice? Threats have been rumored from both NeNe Leakes’s and Kenya Moore’s camps that leaving the show is under consideration. There’s even been talk of a group strike of sorts with several of the women threatening to quit if Porsha Williams gets the ax over her involvement in the reunion altercation. Speaking of Porsha, it’s worth mentioning here that her post-reunion one-on-one with Andy in the Bravo Clubhouse earned series-high ratings for WWHL. Let me say that again: Porsha’s sit down with Andy earned Watch What Happens Live it’s highest viewership EVER, in 11 seasons. She beat Oprah, Lady Gaga and all the other Housewives ever to have appeared. Granted, this probably had a lot to do with Porsha’s appearance piggybacking off the reunion finale’s huge ratings but it’s hard to imagine that Andy, and Bravo execs, wouldn’t be paying close attention.

So, despite getting booted from the rest of the reunion taping, Porsha may still have a future on Housewives afterall. She’s got the support of most of her fellow cast members and 3.5 million viewers to back up her case.

porsha on wwhl one-on-one

What may be more confusing to fans is Andy/Bravo’s seemingly full support of Kenya Moore despite her clearly provocative behavior at the reunion and, really, throughout the past two seasons. It seems to send the message that stirring the pot, pushing buttons, and generally conniving behavior is both expected and encouraged so long as it doesn’t cross the line to actual physical violence (even when said pot-stirrer has been at the center of not one but two physical altercations this season). I get it. Kenya serves up the much-needed drama that Bravo probably, and correctly, attributes at least some of RHOA’s recent success to. But here’s the thing: viewers will likely tire of the same old same old. Only time will tell if Kenya can manage to keep up the drama without getting stale.

rhoa reunion kenya moore s6

I also have to ask: what did everyone think of NeNe’s performance at this year’s reunion? Typically, she’s able to keep her cool and send back witty retorts and one-liners in answer to insults. Especially towards the end of this reunion, however, she kind of seemed to lose her grip a little bit. She got hung up on the whole “I don’t apologize” thing and bitterly harped on that response several times. She even took it to what I’d consider an extreme when Andy told her he was personally offended by her controversial “queen” comments after the Pillow Talk party. Her apology started out ok, saying “If I offended you or anybody else in the gay community, I apologize for that” but she just couldn’t stop there. She took the opportunity to add a jab towards Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss’ earlier complaints saying “since I never apologize. My heart is so cold.” But, she wasn’t done yet. After the issue was pressed by (who else) Kenya Moore, NeNe, addressing Andy again, added “That’s the end of that. Do I need to go any further? What do you need me to do, do you need me to pull down your pants and kiss your ass?” 


Andy’s still her boss, right? Yikes. Here’s the thing: I’m sure that if she hadn’t been so heated NeNe would have offered a much more humble and sincere apology. Like I said before, I feel like she kind of lost her cool this year.

nene leakes s7 rhoa reunion
What all this means for the future of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and each of the ‘wives futures on Bravo will soon be seen. As is typically the case after any Housewives season wraps up there is, and will be a ton of talk about who’s in and who’s out for next season. We already brought you the news that ex-Housewife Sheree Whitfield’s name is being tossed around as a possible re-addition to the Season 7 cast. And, whether producers take NeNe’s advice and get rid of Cynthia Bailey remains to be seen as well. You can count on us to keep our ear to the ground and bring you any solid news as it becomes available!

What were your thoughts on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6, especially the reunion? Who would you like to see back for Season 7?

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  • Ironic

    The ratings say it loud and clear. Moore is more. I think all the housewives bring something to the show, but Kenya is fun, funny, her comments are hilarious. A lot of people speak negatively of different housewives, ecspecially Kenya. But……love her or hate her….she’s the most talked about housewife. She’s discussed on all the housewife blogs, the comments all discuss Kenya, and when the media talks to other cast, they usually ask about Kenya. I’ve been watching for all six seasons. When Kenya came to season 5, the rating went through the roof and she spiced it up. I have no favorite housewife, these are facts, Bravo knows.

    • Anyways…NEXT!

      Love her!! She adds a lot to the show.

  • paula wernke

    i like kenya and cynthia. porsha probably received ratings because of the way she un dresses. she is an insult for american black women, the only reason nene and phaedra is on her side is because they are jealous of kenya. it is sad that the audience goes for violence. i think that is the mentality of that group and not the actors.

    • kenya has no story line i need her to be gone does anything for the rating even making her self look crazy cynthia is a pill

  • Gene Bell

    NeNe, Phaerdra, Cynthia, Porcha (won,t be long before she,ll have a husband). Kandi and two new wives. NOT SHEREE or Marlo,

  • Dinara

    Bravo, plz bring Marlo and remain Kenya. And remove Porsha, she just irritates with her stupidity,behaves like true stupid blondie…and this constant crying…

  • johnc.garcia.jcg@gmail.com

    The show will be renewed for season 8 but, Claudia and NeNe won’t be on for next season.