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Ramona Singer To Luann De Lesseps: Stop Leaking Sh*t To The Press!

It’s a crazy thing that Luann is currently engaged to a man that’s dated her fellow cast mates, and you’ll notice that I said “mates,” as in, plural.

Tom D’Agostino has dated both Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan in the past. Plus, it’s hard to tell who else, since Bethenny Frankel says that she could ruin their marriage, because she has evident that Tom has cheated on Luann.

Either way you slice it, Ramona isn’t happy that her name’s been brought up in this whole thing. Luann keeps saying that Sonja and Ramona are just jealous, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Ramona is a fairly private person, despite the fact that she’s on The Real Housewives of New York City. That’s why Ramona is so ticked off that her name keeps getting brought up.

Ramona writes in her Bravo blog:

Luann has been going directly to the press constantly about her and Tom dating before they got engaged. And to make the story more relevant, the press has to add that she is ‘dating my ex.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time that Luann has been accused of hitting up the press, in an attempt to manipulate headlines for publicity. It looks like she may be trying to get more attention focused on her engagement.

As a matter of fact, Ramona says that things weren’t even that serious with Tom:

I don’t like to see my name in the paper linked with men. I have had two serious relationships since Mario [Singer], and their names were never mentioned. I had four or five dates with Tom, and it’s all over the press. Not cool, Luann.

Ramona also went on to comment that she’s not jealous of Luann being with Tom, and she’s actually happy for her:

I’m glad Luann is happy, and I’ve never seen her happier.

Sounds like something any friend would say when they’re truly happy that a friend has found someone that brings them happiness.

However, Ramona does say that we’re in for some big surprises soon:

All I can say is the last episodes are beyond spell binding with what happens and comes out. You have no idea what you’re in for as viewers!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m definitely intrigued!

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