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Ramona Singer Files For Divorce; What Does It Mean for RHONY S6?

mario and ramona

It seems another Housewives marriage is over. As of Monday, Ramona and Mario Singer announced they had separated, following a domestic dispute at their Hamptons home just past weekend. Today, Ramona has reportedly filed divorce papers with the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Ramona’s husband of 22 years found his way into the tabloids in October of last year amidst rumors that he’d been cheating with a young New York socialite. The allegations went so far as to claim the girl had become pregnant around August of last year and that Mario paid for her to have an abortion. We have no confirmation of the truth of that claim, and, at the time, Ramona defended Mario and assured the press that the rumors were not true.

It seems, however, that Ramona may have just been trying to save face and, ultimately, their marriage. According to a People Magazine source, Ramona and Mario were seen together as recently as New Years Eve and New Years Day, celebrating at a country club in New Jersey. The source adds that Ramona “was posting pics all over the Internet of her and Mario in bathing suits, trying to put on a front that everything is perfect and there are no problems in paradise. Everyone knew he had this girlfriend.” Former RHONY co-star Jill Zarin told the magazine that “Ramona has been protecting him,” and that  “she looked the other way when people told her he was cheating.”

Now, however, there may be no more denying for Ramona and Mario. Ramona reportedly caught Mario with his girlfriend at the couple’s Hamptons home last weekend.

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“Ramona kicked Mario out of the Manhattan apartment in the last few days,” a source told Page Six. “But the understanding was that he could stay in the Southampton house.”

That is, until Friday night, when Ramona ended up at the home at the same time Mario and his girlfriend (who has now been identified as Kasey Dexter) were there. Sources said Ramona “threw a fit and called the cops.” When police arrived, Ramona claimed Mario choked her, while other sources insist the two did not get physical.

Page Six sources added that after a while Ramona calmed down and then welcomed the officers into the house, offering them “a glass of wine.” (Pinot, anyone?) We’re told the officers declined and left, and charges were not pressed.

Ramona took to Twitter today to ask for privacy for her family during this difficult time.

Since Season 6 wrapped filming back in September, before any of the cheating rumors or eventual separation and now divorce came to light, producers are struggling to make Ramona’s storyline not seem so dated. This is extra frustrating for RHONY producers because this is the second time that they’ll have to re-edit Season 6 due to a cast member’s breakup. According to Bravo Ratings, producers were livid when when Countess LuAnn Delesseps announced, after filming concluded, her separation from boyfriend of three years, Jacques Azoulay, as none of their relationship strife had been filmed. The subsequent re-edit process ended up reducing LuAnn’s camera time so much that she lost her Apple and was demoted to a role of ‘Friend of the Housewives’.

On the one hand, there’s no such thing as bad press when it comes to marketing the new season. On the other, it’s not good for the footage to already seem dated by the time it airs. For this reason, Bravo Ratings goes on to explain that producers will now have to film new talking head interviews with Ramona to insert into existing footage. Ramona can allude to marital strife and these snippets can be inserted with footage that shows Ramona looking downcast. Regardless of whether her downcast look was related to relationship issues, with audio mentioning problems within her marriage played simultaneously, the casual viewer will be none the wiser of this editing trick.

With a 30 minute Season 6 teaser set to air February 12th @ 10pm, Ramona and producers will have to work quickly to make the necessary adjustments. Season 6 premieres March 11 @ 9pm.

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