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Rachel Zoe Ratings Slip

Say it isn’t so! Rachel-Zoe-upset-ratings-slip

Last week’s episode of The Rachel Zoe Project was the lowest rated episode since August 2009, according to Bravo Ratings. What’s more, It’s A Brad, Brad World, Brad Goreski’s spinoff, surpassed Rachel’s ratings for the first time: 622,000 tune-ins for Brad to 591,000 for Zoe.

What could be causing this slippage for Rachel?  She, for one, is blaming Bravo.  According to, Rachel believes that Bravo’s choice to run Brad immediately after her has done the damage.

“Rachel thinks it was a very calculated maneuver by Bravo to run Brad’s show after hers, and thinks it’s negatively impacting her fashion empire. Brad has been portrayed in the press in a very sympathetic way, and an all around nice guy. Rachel believes that Brad’s show running after hers is just a negative reminder to their bad break-up when he quit working for her to embark out on his own,” a source tells

It seems to run counter to reason that Bravo would deliberately sabotage it’s own show… what would Bravo stand to gain from Rachel’s ratings slip? It seems more likely that Bravo thought to run Brad after Rachel in an effort to attract loyal Rachel viewers to jump on the Brad bandwagon too. While this may be offensive to Rachel (Radar’s source goes on to say “Rachel doesn’t want anything to do with Brad, and having his show run after hers is just a slap in the face”), it’s not an uncommon network tactic. For example, Bravo ran Vanderpump Rules immediately following RHOBH. In fact, somehow they fooled my DVR into recording Vanderpump Rules as if it were part of the RHOBH episode preceding it–and it worked, I was hooked!

Why do you think The Rachel Zoe Project is seeing a ratings slip? Are viewers just over Rachel’s unique brand of over-the-top-boho-crazy?

And, a final plea from one devoted Rachel fan: if you love Rachel, show it! Be sure to tune in Wednesdays at 9/8c. Fingers crossed that season 5 isn’t her last.


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