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#PumpRules: LaLa Kent Returns To Vanderpump Rules For Season 6?

Whether you love Lala Kent or you hate her, you have to admit that she was a breath of fresh air on Vanderpump Rules, even though the girls weren’t particularly fond of her for the most part.

Also, with her being best buddies with the universally hated James Kennedy certainly didn’t help her situation.

It was also nice to have Lala on the show because Vanderpump Rules is one of those rare Bravo shows where we haven’t really gotten that many cast changes, so we’ve pretty much been stuck with the same people — whether they continue to work for SUR or not.

Sure, there’s been a few additions to the lineup over the years, but the core group is still there, and newbies haven’t really gotten much of a chance to flourish, which was definitely the case with Lala.

It may be a harsh reality, but all of the guys wanted to bang her and all of the girls were jealous of her, so she was pretty much doomed from the start.

It would be nice to see Lala return to the show and right now looks like the prime time for her to make this happen.

After all, she’s back to working at SUR and she’s also gotten closer with her former cast mates, Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix.

Come on, if Stassi Schroeder’s boyfriend, Patrick Meagher, can get a spot on the show; why can’t Lala get a little bit of air time?

Well, it looks like that may be happening, as Lala recently shared something on Instagram that has definitely peaked our interest:

As you can see, Lala posted the film camera emoji and followed it up by tagging @BravoTV in her caption.

It may be really hard to take what Lala says to heart, but we definitely think it’s a major possibility that she could be returning to the show.

Can you imagine Ariana, Lala, and Scheana teaming up for the upcoming season?

It would definitely be one hell of a ride.

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