• Goozoo Chostermat

    Yes !!!!! I want more scandalous TV !! Entertaining to see people reactions. They claim not to watch it but have all these complaints about the show…how do you know what to complain about if you not watching !!

  • Guest

    yes!!! season 2 please! i miss it and so do alll of my friends — we talk about it on the reg! we love all bravo shows, especially princesses of LI!

  • Stacy Bensky

    yess season 2 please!!! miss the show and so do all of my friends!!

  • michael Coppola

    more princesses please-love these girls

  • lisa

    Season 2 is a must!! One of the most addictive shows ever!

  • Mara

    Absolutely not. This show was terrible. It’s one thing to stereotype a location but completely something else when it’s a religion. If you want to make a show about Long Island, go ahead, but this show focuses so much on their Judaism (or lack thereof) and sometimes it even makes fun of it. Feel free to make fun of my Island but stay away from my religion.

  • TimeWillTellAll

    More train wrecks…

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  • MrsScabin

    I must say there have been worse episodes that have gone done on other Bravo shows its reality TV people if you don’t like it change the channel

  • Jacks9917

    It was very entertaining as far as reality goes they were much more likable than the Kardashian women that are over promoted and shoved down our throats constantly.
    Offensive or not, if this really represents their daily lives then I see no harm in being entertained by them. Maybe some if them will learn lessons from the backlash they get when they do offensive things. It opens up te world a little for them letting them realize their are real people that do important things and are not incredibly wealthy that can be offended by some of their thoughtless actions.


    I personally like the show! Bring the Princesses back, PLEASE!!!!!!

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