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[PICTURES] Vicki Gunvalson Chilling Out In Alaska

So, what do you get to do when you’re a Real Housewives of Orange County star, and you’re rich? Well, as Bam Margera used to say; “Whatever the f**k you want.”

… And that’s exactly what Vicki Gunvalson is doing right now while she’s on vacation in Alaska.

Yeah, you know, that cold state that everyone forgets about? That’s the one!

Well, when you’re Vicki Gunvalson, you get to see places like this, and that’s exactly where she’s at right now.

Vicki took herself a cruise from Seattle all the way to Alaska via a cruise ship, and ever since, she’s been having what looks to be an absolutely amazing time.

Vicki wasn’t the only one that got to go on the cruise, either.

Instead, she was accompanied by some of her family, and she gushed about how nice it was for her grandkids to get to enjoy the sights of Alaska from the ship:

Vicki Gunvalson grandkids in alaska

Her son-in-law also snapped the amazing photo below of a glacier bay:

vicki gunvalson alaskan glacier bay

And then, in a moment that has made me totally jealous, Vicki went on a helicopter ride that landed on top of a glacier:

vicki gunvalson on a glacier

Today, however, Vicki is just taking in all the things Alaska has to offer, and she’s “living life in the slow lane.”

vicki gunvalson in alaska

It looks like Vicki is having an absolutely amazing time, and we’re totally jealous!

Have fun on your vacation cruise, Vicki!

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