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Phaedra Parks: I Was About To Get Blown Away!

Remember last week when we posted about some dude with a bomb strapped to his leg that was apparently going to blow up Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, but he ended up getting busted, and the details were fairly sketchy?

Well, the details have come out, and Phaedra is saying that it wasn’t some nut case with a bomb… Well, sort of.

Instead, it was her rapper pal, Drama, and he was about to unload a bomb ass CD on her!

Phaedra says that Drama is a good friend, and she believes that he was just racially profiled.

See, first of all, Drama went to the wrong office, and was asking a receptionist if he could speak with Phaedra, but the receptionist told him to leave, and eventually called security on him.

Drama’s mother said that her son told security:

I have a bomb CD. It’s about to blow up!

The security guard then asked the man if he had anything else that was going to blow up, and that’s when Drama replied with:

I got that bomb ass CD in the car.

Drama was referring to a box of CDs in his car, but that’s when things got ugly, as you can imagine.

The cops decided to show up, evacuate the building, and get the bomb squad on the case.

Phaedra says that she thinks the person that called the cops saw a black dude in baggy pants with gold teeth and racially profiled him.

She did say that Drama could have used better words, but that’s just his dialect and that he didn’t think nothing of it, because he was just referring to his music.

Drama is currently in custody, and is being held without bail for terroristic threats. Phaedra talked to him on Tuesday, and she’s going to hook him up with a criminal attorney, which she should definitely know plenty of.

I guess those police just know how damn fire those mixtapes are…

mix tape on fire

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